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Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards 2014

Congratulations to colleagues who have received Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards this year. The awards scheme recognises and rewards colleagues who demonstrate excellence in teaching and/or learning support at the University of Bradford.

Five awards have been made from a field of eleven nominations. These will be celebrated at the annual Learning, Teaching and Assessment Conference on 9 July 2014 and formally presented at summer award ceremonies.

Human Osteology Teaching Team

Dr Julia Beaumont, Dr Jo Buckberry, Dr Hannah Koon, Dr Andrew Wilson,
Faculty of Life Sciences.

Awarded for:

  • Exemplifying the strong connection between research and teaching.
  • Demonstrating and maximising wider impact through developing an on-line open learning resource which had 1,093,814 hits from 14,191 different visitors from 119 countries within the first week of its launch, and engaging in national events such as the HE Academy’s workshop “Using human remains in teaching and practicing archaeology: Intercultural perspectives”.
  • Engaging in a nationally funded project producing a digital bone library that offers a global resource for chronic disease identification.
  • Providing a powerful story about fostering strong, sustainable student partnerships and a sense of community.
  • Very strong supporting statements from students demonstrating how learning opportunities are helping them to develop into global citizens.

STEM at Bradford Team

Dr Nazira Karodia, Mr James Machell, Ms Janet Smith-Harrison, Miss Helen Tabrah,
Faculty of Life Sciences.

Awarded for:

  • Demonstrating a very inclusive, sustainable and collaborative approach to engagement, transition and retention, through its Student Ambassador programme.
  • Successful engagement with University staff and students, faculties, STEM stakeholders (local Council is a partner on skills projects), and businesses (e.g. Waldner, Cummins, Yorkshire Water, NG Bailey, British Gas) to develop high quality curricula and strengthen employer engagement.
  • Engagement with externally funded projects as part of the National STEM agenda; influencing a revised approach to and securing additional HEFCE funding for focusing on specific risks to the future availability of any subject rather than limiting protection to “Strategically Important and Vulnerable subjects”, and being the regional lead for the North East.

MPharm Curriculum Team - Creating Capable Practitioners

Dr Josie Fraser, Mrs Alison Hartley, Mrs Rebecca McCarter, Prof John Purvis, Mr Simon Tweddell,
Faculty of Life Sciences.

Awarded for:

  • Demonstrable commitment to creating innovative and transformative approaches in learning and teaching.
  • Influencing the University's curriculum framework and employability strategy and providing an exemplar of curriculum transformation.
  • Having an ongoing plan for evaluation using Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model.
  • Making a significant contribution to raising the profile of the University through their scholarly and research based approach to practice which has resulted in presentations at local and national conferences and informed Pharmacy development across the sector, the adoption of team based learning at Bradford and other subject areas.
  • Playing a pioneering role within the Pharmacy discipline by influencing the Professional, Regulatory Statutory Body to endorse the team based learning approach.
  • Supporting more personalised learning and sourcing appropriate technologies to support an inclusive pedagogic design.

(Note:  The team are hosting a Team-based Learning Masterclass with Larry Michaelsen, Professor of Management at the University of Central Missouri, on Tuesday 10th June at the University of Bradford, to which you are warmly invited.  Details and booking - add the code UoB staff for a 15% discount.) 

Developing Academic Good Practice - Plagiarism Awareness Programme

Ellie Clement, Anne Costigan, Sarah George, Jennifer Rowland,
J B Priestley Library,
Maureen Readle, 
Centre for Educational Development.

Awarded for:

  • Demonstrating significant, powerful impact with the reduction in instances of plagiarism at the University.
  • Successfully supporting the transition to Higher Education.
  • Sustained, practitioner led initiative that develops student confidence and encourages their engagement with support services.
  • Promoting interest from across the sector through scholarship which has led to presentations at local and national conference and published journal articles. 

Michael Allhouse - Room 101 Social Learning


Awarded for:

  • Supporting strong, sustainable student partnerships.
  • Working at the boundary of formal and informal learning, and influencing our reorientation of student engagement and putting students at the centre of learning.
  • Best example of engaging students in the life of the institution, pioneering a largely student led form of engagement and developing peer learning communities.
  • Providing students with learning opportunities to develop into global citizens.
  • Fostering social engagement and a sense of belonging.
  • Engagement in scholarly activity resulting in published articles.