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Teaching awards


We aim to offer all of our students an outstanding learning experience. The fantastic work of our staff is recognised through national and institutional teaching awards.

The following annual seminar outlines the different awards and processes associated with developing nominations:

National teaching awards

In addition to supporting staff achieve professional recognition with the Higher Education Academy, the University supports staff to develop strong institutional nominations for the following national teaching awards:

These are the most prestigious teaching awards available within the Higher Education sector.

Bradford Teaching Awards

The University values and recognises individuals and teams for sustained, outstanding and transformational practice thus ensuring our students have an outstanding learning experience:

These sit alongside the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement; however, they differ in that the Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards provide a potential stepping stone towards institutional nomination for a National Teaching Fellowship.

The Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Awards were introduced in 2014. Previous to that, outstanding teaching was recognised through the Baroness Lockwood Award for Distinguished Teaching (2005-2010) and the Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching (1998-2004).