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Educational research

We have a successful record of engaging with educational projects/research and are keen to work with staff to explore pedagogic practice within their subject discipline. For funding opportunities, University procedures and details of other educational research conducted across the University, please refer to our Scholarship page.

ProjectExternal FundingDurationStart dateEnd dateCED contacts
Investigating Educational Developers’ Perceptions of Assessment Literacy SEDA Research and Evaluation Small Grant £1,000 1 April 2015 31 July 2016 John Dermo,
Sean Walton,
Ruth Whitfield
Development of a mobile learning resource HEA Individual Teaching Development Grant  £5,000 1 September 2012 September 2013 John Dermo,
Jim Boyne (FoLS)
Embedding Cultural Change Through Open Educational Resources Practice (ECCTOERP) HEA
5 months 1 February 2012 31 July 2012 Sean Walton
Open Resources for Higher Education Practice (ORHEP) HEA
6 months 1 December 2011 31 May 2012

Sean Walton

Greening STEM


18 months 1 March 2011 31 August 2012 Peter Hopkinson
Technology Enhanced Assessment for Learning: Case Studies and Best Practice HEA Evidence-based practice seminar series: Assessment and Feedback  £500 1 off event December 2010   John Dermo
Open educational resources for the inclusive curriculum (ORIC) HEA / JISC
1 1 August 2010 31 July 2011 Sean Walton
PASS: Programme Assessment Strategies HEA NTFS
3 1 October 2009 31 July 2012 Peter Hartley,
Ruth Whitfield
brOME OERP Bradford Open and Mobile Education Open Education Resources Project HEA / JISC 1 30 April 2009 30 April 2010 Peter Hartley
Mark Van Hoorebeek (FoM&L)
Out-duction: Enhancing the final year experience HEA NTFS
3 1 October 2008 31 July 2011 Peter Hughes,
Ruth Whitfield
Experience of e-learning special interest group (ELESIG) HEA Pathfinder       Carol Higgison
Bradford University Repository Project - BURP! JISC 1 March 2008 March 2009 Peter Hartley
Integrating thin client systems and smart card technology to provide integrated, flexible, accessible and secure e-assessment (ITS4SEA) JISC 2 2007 2009 John Dermo 
Audio Supported Enhanced Learning (ASEL) Project JISC 1 January 2008 March 2009 Will Stewart
National Action Research Network on Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and E-Portfolio Practice HEA NTFS 3 2007 2010 Peter Hughes
Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research Cohort IV   3 2007 2010

Neil Currant,
Jackie Haigh,
Carol Higgison,
Peter Hughes,
Ruth Whitfield

Assessment and Learning in Practice Settings CETL
Winner of the Handheld Learning Award 2009
HEFCE 5 January 2005 2010 Jak Radice

Group work LearnHigher CETL
inner of the Jorum Learning & Teaching Competition 2009 and ALT's Epigeum Award for the most effective use of video 2009

HEFCE 5 January 2005 2010 Peter Hartley
Referencing LearnHigher CETL HEFCE 5 January 2005 2010 Peter Hartley
Developing the model of an 'extended student' HEA Pathfinder 1 2007 2008 Peter Hartley,
Ruth Whitfield
Embedding Support Processes for e-Assessment to ensure the reliable and secure large-scale implementation of CAA HEA Pathfinder 1 2007 2008 John Dermo 
ELP2 - Enhancing Learner Progression JISC
      Carol Higgison,
Neil Currant
ELP - Enhancing Learner Progression JISC
      Carol Higgison,
Neil Currant
Impact of networked learning (INLEI) JISC 16 months 1 December 2002 30 April 2004 Carol Higgison