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Roll of honour

Those who have received professional recognition through the University's Learning & Teaching Professional Development & Recognition Scheme are listed below. The list does not include members of staff holding professional recognition through other routes.

Associate Fellows (D1):

  • Usman Ahmed, Professional Services.
  • Andy Bateman, Faculty of Social Studies.
  • Harvey Panesar, Professional Services.
  • Pam Ramsden, Faculty of Management and Law.

Fellows (D2):

  • Michael Allhouse, UBU.
  • Khaled Assi, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Ann Berry, Professional Services.
  • David Chippett, Professional Services.
  • Sonia Correa, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Julia Deakin, Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Tim Green, Professional Services.
  • Maria Introwicz, Professional Services.
  • Donna Irving, Professional Services.
  • Louise Livesey, Professional Services.
  • Azim Majumder, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Helen McHattie (Jackson), Professional Services.
  • Dariya Mykhayliv, Faculty of Management & Law.
  • Tim Palmer, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Michael J Porter, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Helen Preece, Faculty of Management & Law.
  • Ed Reiss, Student & Academic Services.
  • Wayne Roberts, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Jennifer Rowland, Professional Services.
  • Mahasin Saleh, Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Lucy Scott, Professional Services.
  • Lijun Shang, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Helen Sheldrake, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Oleksandr Shepotylo, Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Jason Theaker, Faculty of Engineering & Informatics.
  • Bishwa Tuladhar, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Ruth Vaqari, Professional Services.
  • Ben Whiteside, Faculty of Engineering & Informatics.
  • Colin Wright, Faculty of Life Sciences.

Senior Fellows (D3):

  • Margaret Alipoor, Faculty of Management & Law.
  • Patrick Allen, Faculty of Engineering & Informatics.
  • Keren Bielby-Clarke, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Carole Binns, Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Jane Booth, Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Kirsty Carver, Professional Services.
  • Helen Cook, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Michael Cross, Professional Services.
  • John Dermo, Professional Services.
  • Amanda Firth, Faculty of Health Studies.
  • Sarah George, Professional Services.
  • Raj Gopalan, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Alison Hartley, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Sue Jones, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Mei-Na Liao, Faculty of Management & Law.
  • Rukeya Miah, Faculty of Health Studies.
  • Gemma Quinn, Faculty of Life Sciences.
  • Rana Tassabehji, Faculty of Management & Law.
  • James Wallace, Faculty of Management & Law.
  • Mercedes Webb, Professional Services.
  • Simon Whitby, Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Ruth Whitfield, Professional Services.

Principal Fellows (D4):

  • Nelarine Cornelius, Faculty of Management & Law
  • Nadira Mirza, Professional Services
  • Julia Pansinsi-Murrell, Faculty of Health Studies
  • Simon Tweddell, Faculty of Life Sciences