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What is Team-based Learning?

Team-based Learning (TBL) is a structured, student-centred learning and teaching strategy that takes a ‘flipped’ approach to learning. It is designed to promote active, engaging and sustainable learning through a process of preparation, testing and application of knowledge.  By regularly participating in team-based learning, students develop transferable skills that will develop their capabilities for the workplace, enhancing their employability.

Team-based learning dramatically shifts the focus of the classroom time away from content delivery by the teacher to the application of course content by student learning teams. At the start of the semester, students are allocated to a team of 5-7 students, creating teams made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with different expertise and resources. Theses team members will work together on a regular basis for the entire semester or year.

For more information contact Simon Tweddell, Accredited Consultant Trainer in Team-based Learning at