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Inaugural Learning, Teaching and Research Conference

Exploring the Research-Teaching Nexus

Thursday 9 June 2016 - 9.15 am to 4.30 pm

Twitter #bfdconf16

Building on the success of the University's annual Learning, Teaching and Assessment Conference over the past fifteen years, we launch a new annual conference that brings together learning, teaching and research as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Exploring the research-teaching nexus, ie the links between research and teaching, provides the perfect focus for our inaugural conference. In a curriculum that takes full advantage of the research-teaching nexus, we would expect each of the conference themes to be present:

  • Research-led - where curriculum engages learners with current research relevant to their subject, discipline or profession, including where possible the opportunity to interact and engage with researchers.
  • Research-based - where students learn through research and enquiry-based activities.
  • Research-informed - where curriculum is informed by evidence of effective educational practice drawn from educational research.

Through presentations, networking and scholarly discussion, we will exchange ideas/experiences for incorporating and/or strengthening the links between research and teaching for engaging our students.

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