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14th Annual Learning, Teaching & Assessment Conference

400 x 267

Evidencing, Evaluating and Enhancing
Learning and Teaching

Thursday 2 July 2015 - 9.00 am to 4.30 pm
Venue: Norcroft Centre

 Twitter. #bfdconf15

Conference Brochure

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Further information:

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  • Keynote - Professor Sally Brown,
    "Enhancing the student experience: fostering effective learning in challenging times".
  • Programme.

Last year's conference focused on "Design for┬áLearning". A year on and most Faculties have engaged with the University's programme design and development workshops in order to align their academic programmes with the curriculum framework. Indeed, some of those programmes are currently recruiting for September. This year's conference asks:

  • What is the impact of our newly designed programmes on student learning?
  • How will we know what's working and what isn't?
  • What is the evidence base for evaluating impact?
  • How can we use our enhancement processes to extend and build new evidence bases for identifying which pedagogic practices maximise the learning gain* of our students?

This year there is no open call for abstracts; this is to enable reflection and debate on the key strategic question, "How do we know our approaches to learning and teaching are effective?".

* Learning gain - the difference between what students know and can do when they enter and when they leave. See:

  • Gibbs G (2014), 53 Powerful Ideas All Teaching Should Know About, Idea Number 4, SEDA;
  • HEFCE Learning and teaching excellence: Learning gain.