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11th Annual Learning, Teaching & Assessment Conference 2012

Improving Student Attainment

9.00 am - 4.30 pm Wednesday 11 July 2012 Student Central

Twitter. #bfdconf2012

Graduates standing outside the Atrium at 2010 summer graduation (jpeg, 153KB)

Ensuring students achieve potential has always been an important aspect of the learner experience; however, the introduction of Key Information Sets (KIS) from September 2012, the increasing significance of league table results, and the current competitive job market etc, make a more compelling case for institutions to demonstrate commitment to improving the standard of achievement of students.  Our 2012 conference explores approaches to improving student attainment through four themes:

  • Theme 1:  Improving Student Attainment through curriculum design.
  • Theme 2:  Improving Student Attainment through the classroom (physical and virtual) experience.
  • Theme 3:  Improving Student Attainment through the Personal Academic Tutor role.
  • Theme 4:  Improving Student Attainment through assessment and feedback.

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