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Peter Hughes

National Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Learning Development

Peter Hughes

Contact Peter for enquiries relating to the PG Cert in Higher Education Practice and its associated modules.



  • contribute to two modules on the PGCert in Higher Education Practice: LEDT401D Contemporary Higher Education Practice and LEDT402D Curriculum Design and Assessment.
  • designed and deliver one final year undergraduate module for the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences: EN-3213D Global Environmental Management.
  • currently part of supervision team for three research students

Educational and Academic Development

  • lead support for the University's Personal Development Planning (PDP) Framework
  • major involvement in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) aspects of Ecoversity
  • development and support of a university network for research and scholarship of higher education
  • learner support seminars: PDP, personal tutoring, learner autonomy, e-portfolios, excellence in teaching, ESD

Committee and Strategy Work

  • LTSC
  • Progress Files Working Group
  • Personal Support Working Group
  • TQEG representative on School of Informatics and School of Engineering, Design & Technology CARTs
  • ESD project Board
  • E-Portfolio Implementation Project Board

Personal Research & Scholarship

  • learner autonomy/PDP & e-portfolios
  • education for sustainable development

External roles

  • Committee Member for Association of National Teaching Fellows
  • Various reviewing activities for Higher Education Academy

Departmental workshop co-ordinator for HE Academy Subject centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES)

Summary biography

Peter joined the university in June 2005. Prior to that he worked (from January 2003) in the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Research in HE at the University of Durham, mostly contributing to the delivery and management of the PG Cert in Learning and Teaching in HE. Before that he was a lecturer/senior lecturer in Environmental Studies and Geography at the University of Sunderland (1993-2002) - it was his work there that led to the award of a National Teaching Fellowship in 2002. He started his HE career in the School of Independent Studies at Lancaster University and this has remained influential in focusing his research interests onto the development of independence and autonomy in HE learners.

He maintains links to his original subject areas of Geography & ES through working with the HE Academy Subject Centre for GEES, teaching a final year module in Global Environmental Management within AGES at Bradford, and through work in the cross-institutional Education for Sustainable Development initiatives that form part of Ecoversity.

Publications and presentations

  • Hopkinson, P.; Hughes, P. and Layer, G. (2007 forthcoming) Education for Sustainable Development: using the UNESCO Framework to embed ESD in a student learning and living experience, Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review , 6.
  • Hopkinson, P.; Hughes, P. and Layer, G. (2007) Education for Sustainable Development: A Whole Institution Approach, paper presented at Education for Sustainable Development: Graduates as Global Citizens, Second International Conference , University of Bournemouth, September 10-11.
  • Higgison, C. and Hughes, P (2007) Choosing and Using PebblePad at Bradford, paper presented at PebblePad User Group, University of Gloucestershire, July 17.
  • Hughes, P (2007) Staff and Educational Development for Education for Sustainable Development, paper presented at Sustainability and the Curriculum: Progress and Potential, Second Annual Conference of the Higher Education Academy ESD Project, University of Bradford, July 10-11.
  • Hughes, P. (2007) Ways of Thinking and Practicing: Key Themes for Childhood Studies, Discussion Paper 3 , MEDAL FDTL 5 Project , University of Northumbria.
  • Hughes, P. (2006) Autonomous Learning Zones , invited seminar, Centre for Excellence in Promoting Learner Autonomy, Sheffield Hallam University, March 1.
  • Hughes, P and Boyle, A (2005) Assessment and Learning Outcomes in Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Studies , HE Academy Subject Centre GEES: Plymouth.
  • Hughes, P (2004) Community-Based Academic Development for Academic Communities of Practice, paper presented at SEDA Spring Conference , Cardiff, March 29-31.
  • Hughes, P (2003) Autonomous Learning Zones, paper presented at 10 th Conference of the European Association for Learning and Instruction , Padova, Italy, August 26-30.
  • Hughes, P (2002) Reflective learning in a multi-level project, invited paper presented at Time to Reflect: Promoting Reflection Among Students and Staff , University of Gloucestershire, 5 February.
  • Hughes, P (2001) Animals, values and tourism: structural shifts in UK dolphin tourism provision, Tourism Management , 22, 4, pp 321-329.
  • Hughes, P (2001) `Developing Independent Learning Skills', paper presented at Implementing Skills Development in HE: Reviewing the Territory , University of Hertfordshire, 11-12 July 2001.
  • Hughes, P (2001) `Animals, Culture & Tourism', presented at First Anglo-Danish Cultural Tourism Seminar , Beamish, Co. Durham, 11 September 2001.
  • Wynne, B; Simmons, P; Waterton, C; Hughes, P and Shackley, S (2001) Institutional Cultures and the Management of Global Environmental Risks in the UK, in The Social Learning Group (2001) Learning to Manage Global Environmental risks: A Comparative History of Social Responses to Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Acid Rain , Cambridge, MA: MIT Press: pp 93-113.
  • Hughes, P; Blair, D; Clear Hill, H and Halewood, C (2001) Local Sustainability and LA21: a vertically integrated, research & learning & teaching activity, Planet , 2: 5-7.
  • Blair, D and Hughes, P (2001) `Work place skills in sustainable development using student teams', paper presented at Bridging Minds & Markets: Emerging Issues in Environmental Education & Employment in Europe, Venice (Italy), 5,6 and 7 April 2001.
  • Hughes, P (1999) `Insider/Outsider: discussing research practice into radical environmentalism', presented at Radical British Environmentalism: Theory into Practice , day workshop, Department of Geography, University of Newcastle, 19 February 1999.
  • Hughes, P and Kinnaird, V (1997) Nature/Gender/Tourism: Watching Dolphins in the Moray Firth, Scotland, paper presented at the IGU International Conference on Tourism/Gender/Fun?, University of California, Davis, 24-26 October, 1997
  • Hughes, P (1996) 'Risk and democracy: emergency planning for nuclear power stations in the UK', paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Institute of British Geographers/ Royal Geographical Society, Strathclyde, January.
  • Brook, I, Hunt, J and Hughes, P `Constraints on Student-Centred Learning Practices', in Gibbs, G ed (1994) Improving Student Learning , Oxford Centre for Staff Development, pp119-126.
  • Hughes, P (1993) UK NGOs and the Ozone Crisis , paper presented to the second meeting of the project on Social Learning in the Management of Global Environmental Risks,Victoria B.C., Canada, August 1993.
  • Hughes, P and Wynne, B (1992) The Issue of Climate Change in the United Kingdom Working Paper 2, Centre for the Study of Environmental Change, Lancaster.