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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I log on to e5 for the first time?

    To log in follow these steps
    1. In the first box (username) enter your novell username
    2. In the second box (password) enter your novell username again
    3. Next click on SIGN IN. You will be prompted to enter a new password
    4. In the third box (new password) enter a new password at least 8 characters long
    5. Next click on SIGN IN. You will be prompted to confirm the new password
    6. Enter your new password again and click on OK
    7. You will now be logged into e5

    I can't find the codes I need for my requisition or invoice

    Speak to your management accountant and they can help you with the right codes


    Who has been set up to authorise my requisition?
    In each school or department certain people have been set up as authorisers. To find out who they are, search for your requisition right click on it select 'Display-Authorisers', you will see a list of the authorisers.

    I have created a requistion but it went to the wrong authoriser. What should I do?

    There is an authorisation structure in place for each school and department. If you are not sure who your Authoriser is, you can check this by looking up the requistion and clicking on 'View Authorisers' button.

    Can I be set up as an authoriser?
    If you will like to be set up as an Authoriser, complete the new user form (for new users) or modify current profile (for existing users) and send to the email address on the form.

    I can't find my supplier on e5
    If your supplier is not on e5, you will have to fill a new supplier form available under useful forms on the Purchasing website .

    How do new users get authorised/what happpens if an authoriser is on long term sick?
    There is a form on the E5 website to complete under Training and Support/New E5 user.  Once completed and authorised by the person responsible for your areas please forward to the E5 office.  The same should be used for amendments to a user's authorisation limits to cover for long term sickness.