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Seminar Series

Our Seminar Series showcases innovations in digital health and provides a forum for researchers, healthcare professionals, community, and business to network and learn about public engagement in healthcare and pathways to implementation of digital health solutions and new models of care.

Find out more about our upcoming seminars below:

Seminar Series 2022

If you are interested in our hostorical seminars, we have slides available to download for most events in Seminar Series 2021 and Seminar Series 2020.

Phlebotomy Courses

DHEZ runs a series of Phlebotomy Courses.  These 2-day courses, run by Phlebotomy Training Services, provide participants with an opportunity to develop practical skills in taking blood samples. 

Dates and registration details >>


Baby and Child Basic Life Support Training

These FREE sessions will be fun, relaxed, and you'll be helped and supported all the time. 

Dates and registration details >>