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Professor Ian Craddock

Professor Ian Craddock is Professor in data-eriven health at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bristol. He is Institutional Lead for Digital Health, leading a programme of investment and research development across six faculties of his University.

He leads the EPSRC funded "SPHERE" IRC programme, one of the UK's largest digital health research projects. His track record includes the successful commercialisation of a medical device.

He was employed by Toshiba corporation as Managing Director of their research laboratory in Bristol from 2011 to late 2018.

Professor Craddock's research interests include embedded AI for constrained devices such as wearables, the use of AI in clinical decision support, the analysis and visualisation of time-domain streaming data and the interface between health, AI and society.

Areas of research/technical expertise include:

  • Pervasive health.
  • Technology for self-management of long term health conditions.
  • Ultra low power wireless communications.
  • Data fusion and clinical decision support.
  • Antennas.
  • Electromagenetics, radar and inverse scattering.


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