People and Organisational Development

Getting Through Anxious Times

Prerequisite: None.

Target Audience: Open to all members of staff.

Aim: These are anxious times for most people, both at work and in the wider world. Our bodily response can be continuous, nagging anxiety or maybe even panic attacks. There are plenty of simple techniques for reducing your anxiety; this workshop will explore these and help you find ways of using them in your daily life.

By the end of this workshop you will have a toolkit of practical skills and know-how that will help you manage your anxiety, rather than have it manage you.

Session duration: 2 hours

Disclaimer: If the number of applications for an event is low, the course content and timings may be modified accordingly. On occasions where it is not viable to run with low numbers, the session may be either postponed or cancelled.

If there are no dates displayed for this course, and you wish to register your interest for future dates, please complete and submit a Training Request form via HR ServiceNow (link opens in new window).

Note: for the 'Request Type' please select Individual training request from the drop-down box.

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