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Register for counselling

The first step to accessing counselling is to complete our registration form by clicking on the relevant button below.

Once we receive your completed form, we will offer you a 25 minute Intake Appointment within 2 working days. 

  • If you need support completing this form, please call 01274 235 750 and a member of staff will help you. 
  • If you require a more immediate response, please email or or call 01274 235 750 and your details will be forwarded to a member of the Counselling and Mental Health Service.   
  • If you are in a crisis situation, please visit our Help in a Crisis page
Thanks to the support of my counsellor I have managed to complete my course and maintain my mental wellbeing which seemed an impossible feat. I couldn't have managed without this service.

Intake Appointment (25 mins)

If this is the first time that you have accessed counselling, or if you have not accessed counselling within the last 6 months, you will be asked to attend an Intake Appointment.  

The purpose of this appointment is to: 

  • Discuss how you want the Counselling & Mental Health Service to help you
  • Get immediate support / strategies / resources
  • Determine if a referral for counselling or mental health advice is needed

If further counselling is agreed on, we will contact you with an appointment. This will usually be within two weeks but at busy times, it may take longer.

We will send you a text reminder before every session.

Counselling for Students

  • We offer blocks of up to 4 sessions, usually on the same day and time each week.
  • Each session lasts for up to 50 minutes
  • You can access more than one block of 4 sessions per academic year.
  • If you and your Counsellor agree that you would benefit from more counselling, please get back in touch
  • To manage demand, we apply a break of at least 4 weeks between each block of sessions

Support for Care Experienced Students

The University has put together a package of support for Care Experienced Students.

female student with red jumper and black trousers leaning against a blue wall

Counselling for Staff

  • We offer one block of up to 6 sessions per academic year, usually on the same day and time each week
  • Each session lasts for up to 50 minutes
  • We provide consultation to offer staff support in dealing with situations that arise in the work place.
    Please contact us to discuss your indovidual or team requirements

Email counselling (for students and staff)

  • email counselling allows you to take your time to reflect on what you would like to say in an email to your Counsellor at a time that is convenient for you. 
  • your Counsellor will respond to you at a pre-agreed day and time to support you with whatever challenges you are facing. 
  • you can exchange emails with your Counsellor in this way once a week for up to four weeks. 
  • we will send you guidance on how to engage in email counselling with your Counsellor which will include details around confidentiality and data security. 
  • email counselling is not suitable for emergency situations or if you are struggling to keep yourself safe. Please visit our help in a crisis section for emergencies. Where email counselling is not appropriate for you please consider face to face or telephone appointments. 
  • Email if you have any questions.

NHS - MyWellbeing IAPT Service (for students and staff)

We are working in partnership with the NHS in Bradford to offer guided self help through MyWellbeing IAPT Service which is aimed at supporting students and staff with mild to moderate mental health issues.

This involves working through a workbook individually and answering a number of questionnaires to monitor your progress.

You will need to commit to fortnightly, 30 minute reviews with a wellbeing coach to support you using the coping strategies developed on the course.