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Advice and guidance for new students starting January 2021

Please review the information and guidance below to help make starting your studies as smooth and as safe as possible. 

We have also provided specific information for international students who are due to travel to the UK to start their studies.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Team Bradford.

Learning, support and campus services

The University of Bradford has made the decision to extend our online-only provision until the end of the Spring Term on Friday, 26 March 2021.

This extension of online-only teaching has been agreed to support students who are affected by the lockdown restrictions and to provide greater certainty (in a complex and constantly changing environment) to students around what they can expect in terms of their teaching for the coming semester.

You will receive additional information shortly confirming what you can expect in terms of your teaching for this semester.

Your induction

Details will be provided shortly of your induction to the University.  If you are on a programme that will be delivered online until 26 March, your induction will be online.  If you are on a programme that involves face-to-face teaching, you will be provided separate details of your induction.


The University campus will remain open under the new lockdown rules. We will, however, be taking steps to limit the number of people on campus to those who are there for permitted purposes, including the provision of essential on-campus teaching, learning, research, services, and facilities.

The following services and facilities will be available on campus:

  • The Library is open for providing a click and collect service and bookable study spaces only
  • Student counselling and mental wellbeing support services will be available to students on-campus, recognising that not all students will be able to access these remotely from home
  • The Student Life Team will maintain a presence on campus to support students as needed
  • A reduced presence at the My Bradford Desk will be maintained on campus
  • Provision of food supplies to support students who may need this facility will continue
  • Students will still be able to access the laptop loan scheme to ensure they can access a device on which to access their online learning
  • Some food and essential retail outlets will be available on campus, providing takeaway only in catering outlets. Students and staff must not gather socially around these outlets.
  • Some other services and facilities will need to be restricted. The gym will not be open and all indoor and outdoor sports will need to be suspended

Student Central will not be available to students for socialising, although students may still access that area to attend specific appointments, as may be needed. The Atrium will remain open to allow access to catering outlets, but staff and students will not be able to gather socially in that space.

Arrangements for international students starting January 2021

Please visit our dedicated page for international students, covering travel to the UK, visa arrangements and enrolment and teaching

Travel to, and attendance on, campus

Travel to and attendance on campus should be strictly limited to that required for permitted purposes. This includes travel for the purposes of scheduled face-to-face teaching, essential on-campus research and accessing essential on-campus services and facilities. This might include:

  • If you are an international student who has either remained in the UK over the winter break or has arrived in the UK after the winter break and you do not have any alternative accommodation.
  • If you are staying in halls of residence and require access to essential on-campus facilities and services.
  • If you are without access to appropriate study spaces or facilities in either your vacation or term-time accommodation.
  • If you require additional support from on-campus services, such as mental health and wellbeing support services.
  • If you are a research student who requires access to University labs or specialist facilities in order to undertake your research and you are not otherwise able to undertake this research from home

If you are not due to start face-to-face teaching or do not fall within one of the categories above, the current government advice is that you should remain where you are and access your learning remotely, for the time being.  

If you are unsure whether you are permitted to travel to campus, you should contact the UKVI Compliance and International Student Support team (international students) or the Admissions Team (UK students) to discuss your circumstances and seek further guidance. 

While on campus you must adhere to all campus safety measures designed to stop the spread of the virus.  The key rules are – Hands, Face, Space – wash your hands, wear a face mask and keep a two-metre distance from other people.  There are handwashing facilities and social distancing signage in place on campus to assist you with these rules.

COVID-19 testing on campus

If you need to attend campus for any of the purposes above, you should also obtain a COVID test from the University COVID asymptomatic testing site.  All students without COVID symptoms should book appointments to be tested in advance of returning to the campus.  You should book two tests three days apart.  Please book your tests as close as possible to your return date

You can book a test appointment online, and you can find out more about the process in our Student testing section.

You should try and book your two tests in advance of your expected return to campus.  If you cannot book both tests before you are due to return, you can return to campus after your first test if it is negative but you must still get the second test, and if this is positive you must then follow the guidance on getting an NHS test and isolating.

The purpose of this testing is to make sure that should you need to self-isolate, you have the opportunity to do so, keeping everyone as safe as possible on return to campus.