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Teaching and learning

We’re offering students a full on-campus experience. This means students can attend lectures on campus, meet friends to study and socialise, talk with tutors in-person and take part in a range of activities. 

The full campus experience includes: 

  • In-person lectures 
  • indoor and outdoor sports 
  • use of on-campus study areas to meet friends and tutors in person 
  • use of the library and other facilities 
  • an expanded range of activities
  • access to in-person student support services

Placements, study abroad and work-based learning

We know that you value the experiences you gain from placements, work-based learning and studying abroad, indeed they are a fundamental component of some of our professionally accredited courses.

We continue to work with partner organisations and institutions to make sure placements in industry and opportunities to study abroad as part of your course go ahead as planned wherever possible. If this is not possible, we will contact you directly and discuss alternative or equivalent options.

More information

For specific details about your course, please speak to your programme leader or personal academic tutor.