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Teaching and learning

Following the new lockdown measures, and new guidance from the government, we will be extending online-only teaching for many of our programmes until Friday, 26 March 2021.

As was previously the case, there will be certain exemptions to this approach for some programmes where it is not possible for teaching to move online.

On-campus teaching

If you are part of an exempt programme with on-campus teaching, we have made a commitment that you will receive a high-quality, purposeful campus experience delivered by the same excellent lecturers, professors and researchers as always. Your programme will be delivered in accordance with national guidance to make sure you are safe.

Exempt programmes

The following programmes have been approved to allow either face-to-face teaching, learning, and/or assessment.

The following Faculty of Health Studies programmes have been approved to allow either face-to-face teaching, learning, and/or assessment to take place between 4 January 2021 and 26 March 2021.

  • Foundation Degree Trainee Nursing Associate
  • MNurse (Adult/Mental Health)
  • MNurse (Child/Mental Health)
  • BSc Nursing (Adult)
  • BSc Nursing (Children's Nursing)
  • BSc Nursing (Mental Health)
  • BSc Nursing (Adult) - Mid Yorks
  • BSc Occupational Therapy
  • BSc Diagnostic Radiography
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Radiographic Reporting/CT/MRI
  • BSc Paramedic Science
  • BSc Physiotherapy
  • MPhysiotherapy Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • BSc Midwifery Studies
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Rehabilitation Studies (all specialisms)
  • PGCert First Contact Physiotherapist
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Advanced Practice (all specialisms)
  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert Professional Healthcare Practice (all specialisms)

The following individual CPD modules have been approved to allow either face-to-face teaching, learning, and/or assessment to take place between 4 January 2021 and 26 March 2021.

  • Communication and Clinical Skills
  • Advanced Respiratory Practice - NUR7065-C
  • Advanced Respiratory Practice - NUR6040 - C
  • Advanced Physical Assessment Skills and Clinical Decision Making
  • Enhanced Paediatric Assessment Skills
  • Upper Limb
  • Computed Tomography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Prescribing for Pharmacists

The following individual CPD modules have been approved to allow either face-to-face teaching, learning, and/or assessment to take place until 26 March 2021.

  • MPharm
  • BSc Optometry
  • BSc Optometry (Accelerated route)
  • BSc Healthcare Science (Life Sciences)
  • BSc Biomedical Science
  • MSc/PGD Physician Associate Studies
  • Postgraduate CPD Students - Optometry - (Modular, CPD)

The following Faculty of Life Sciences programmes have been approved to allow either face-to-face teaching, learning, and/or assessment to take place between 1 March and 26 March 2021 after/if National Lockdown has finished.

  • BSc Chemistry
  • MChem Chemistry
  • MChem Chemistry (Analytical Sciences)
  • MChem Chemistry (Industrial Experience)
  • MChem Chemistry (Materials Chemistry)
  • MChem Chemistry (Medicinal Chemistry)
  • BSc Clinical Science
  • BSc Forensic Science
  • BSc Forensic and Medical Science
  • BSc Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology
  • BSc Archaeology
  • Foundation Year in Clinical Science/Medicine
  • Certificate of Foundation Studies - Life/Health (English and non-English route)
  • MSc Analytical Sciences
  • MA Archaeology and Identity
  • MSc Archaeological Sciences
  • MSc Bioinformatics
  • MSc Cancer Drug Discovery
  • MSc Cancer Pharmacology
  • MSc Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology
  • MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation
  • MSc Human Osteology and Palaeopathology
  • MSc Landscape Archaeology and Digital Heritage
  • MSc Materials Chemistry
  • MSc Medical Bioscience
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Technology and Medicines Control
  • MSc Physiology and Molecular Biology
  • MSc Skin Science and Stem Cell Biology

Online learning

We will be using a variety of methods to support your learning online. At the heart of this will be Canvas, our state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Through Canvas you will not only have access to Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but a whole range of specialist platforms, materials, and resources designed to help you learn effectively.

Some of your lectures may be ‘live’ – delivered online to the whole group at a specific time – and others may be ‘captured’ – pre-recorded so you can engage with these at a time that suits you. Some smaller group sessions may also be held online (seminars or tutorials, for example). This gives you the opportunity to work digitally with other students on particular tasks or assignments, as well as to discuss your ideas with your tutor. Similarly, you will have the opportunity to meet individually with your tutors to talk about your work, discuss your progress, and receive feedback on your assignments. Online learning is face-to-face too.

To supplement these ‘live’ sessions, you may be asked to engage with online educational materials (sometimes called learning objects or packages). These are pre-prepared resources uploaded to the VLE that you will be able to work through at a time and pace that suits you so that you can make sure you fully understand the content, ideas, concepts etc. before moving on to the next one.


As a result of the national lockdown measures, unless you are on a programme that is exempted from the move to online teaching, there will be no on-campus assessment or examination activity this semester.

We understand that the current situation is challenging and may place you under additional pressures through studying online, without access to the full range of University facilities. You may also need to balance your studies with other responsibilities such as home-schooling, and both the pandemic and the lockdown measures can impact on mental wellbeing. To reduce the impact that this may have on you performing to the best of your abilities, the University has put in place special Extenuating Circumstances and extensions arrangements for the period 4 January 2021 to 21 May 2021. Under these arrangements:

You will automatically have a two-week extension to any deadlines during this period for coursework submitted through Canvas (you do not need to request this). Where you have a learning support plan which provides for flexibility on deadlines, your module leaders will have discretion to extend deadlines further – however, depending on the date of submission it may not be possible to mark, process and moderate work in time for Boards if further extensions are given, and therefore there may be a delay to progression or award.

If you do not submit an assessment or submit an assessment which you fail during this period, you will automatically be given a further attempt at the same attempt number. You will not need to submit a claim for extenuating circumstances, and you will not need any evidence. Your next attempt will normally be at the next available assessment opportunity.

If you do submit an assessment during this period and pass, but feel that you could have done better, then you can submit a claim for Extenuating Circumstances, to enable you to have another attempt at your assessment (at the same attempt number). This will automatically be approved and you will not need to provide any evidence for this claim.

You are advised, however, to continue to work on your assessments and to try to meet the extended deadlines so as not to overburden yourself with assessments at a later date.

Placements, study abroad and work-based learning

We know that the experiences you gain from placements, work-based learning, and studying abroad are important and highly valued by you. Indeed, they are a fundamental component of many of our professionally accredited courses.

Given this, we are working with partner organisations and institutions to make sure placements in industry and opportunities to study abroad as part of your course go ahead as planned wherever possible. If this is not possible, we will contact you directly and discuss alternative or equivalent options.

More information

For specific details about your course, please speak to your programme leader or personal academic tutor.