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Checking your results

Results Day

If you've studied A levels, T levels or most BTECs you'll find out on Results Day (15 August) whether you have the grades you need to confirm your place at university.

Access to Higher Education Diploma and a small number of BTEC results are released at different times during July and August. If you've studied these qualifications, you can use Clearing as soon as you have your results.

Search our courses and apply

Find a course you'll love. You can apply online or by calling our Clearing helpline.

Our Clearing team are also here to help with any information or support you need. The line is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 17:00 (BST).

How to check your results

To find out if you’ve got a place at university, you’ll need to log on to your UCAS Hub and check the status of your offer(s).

UCAS Hub should start to update at around 08:15 on Results Day.

If your status hasn’t changed, you can contact universities directly for confirmation. Call our Clearing Helpline (0808 196 9129) and choose option 2 to confirm your place at the University of Bradford.

You won’t be able to see your actual results on UCAS Hub - these will be available from your school or college on the day.

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Your offer explained

On Results Day you’ll find yourself in one of four situations:

  1. you receive an unconditional offer for either your firm or insurance choice
  2. your offer remains conditional as you're waiting on, for example, GCSE results
  3. you are offered a place on an alternative course
  4. you do not secure a place at university

Unconditional offer for firm or insurance choice

Next steps:

You’re all set to start university in September – your confirmation letter will be available on UCAS Hub in five to seven days.

It’s time to celebrate, find accommodation, get your finances in order and start preparing for this exciting new chapter of your life.

Our New Students site has information on all the things you’ll need to know in the weeks leading up to starting university, as well as details on what to expect when you arrive at the University of Bradford.

Offer remains conditional

If your offer depends on achieving specific GCSE grades, the offer will remain conditional until we receive your GCSE results.

Once you have received your results you will need to send them to our Admissions Team. Either upload your results to the Applicant Portal or email them to

Offered a place on an alternative course

Next steps:

If you don't get the grades you need for your original offer, we may offer you a place on a different course.

We look at the subjects you have studied and the grades you have achieved and find you a course that we think will interest you. This could be another degree programme or a foundation year course which leads to a degree programme.

If you've been made an alternative offer you can accept it through your UCAS Hub, or if you want more information before making a decision you can call our Clearing helpline.

If you’re unsure about your alternative course, you can explore other courses through Clearing before making a final decision.

Not secured a place at university

Next steps:

You’ll be automatically entered into Clearing. When Clearing opens, you can find available courses at the University of Bradford via UCAS or through our Clearing course search.

To apply for a course through Clearing you’ll need your UCAS ID number and your exam results (including GCSEs). If you’re applying by phone it’s also handy to have a pen and paper to make notes.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to find a course through clearing, you can always resit your exams and re-apply to university for the next academic year.

Got a question about Clearing?

Our Enquiries Team is here to help.

They can answer any queries you have about Clearing or studying at the University of Bradford.