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clearing tips

Don’t panic. Get organised.

Be prepared

Make a list – think about the alternative courses and universities available to you if things don't go as predicted on results day.

Consider your options – make sure you've had a look at which courses have places available. You can check our Clearing course listings or visit the UCAS website.

Think about what matters to you – think about what the university and the course has to offer. Are you looking to get involved in study abroad, explore placement year opportunities, or join a student society? How far away are you willing to move? What accommodation options will you have? What career paths could your course lead to?

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Keep calm

Talk to your friends and family – they're all there to support you and may be able to help ease your results day fears.

Do something you love – hobbies are a great distraction from stress and anxiety.

Make plans – head out for food or to a movie with your friends and family the night before results day to take your mind off it.

Get organised

On the day you'll need:

  • Details of your qualifications and your results
  • Your contact details – we'll need your address, phone number and email address
  • Your UCAS personal ID number
  • A notepad and pen

Be flexible – you probably have your heart set on a particular course but you should consider alternative courses that are related to what you want to study.

Be independent – most universities will not let your parents or anyone else speak to them on your behalf.

Take a look around – see if you're able to visit the universities you're considering.

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explore all options

If you don't get the grades you expect there are still options open to you - you may choose to spend your first year at Bradford studying at foundation level.

We offer three foundation year courses with lower entry tariffs that will give you the high-quality knowledge base needed to progress onto an undergraduate course, as well as building your confidence and helping you adapt to university life.

You'll be able to progress onto one of our undergraduate degrees by successfully completing the foundation pathway that matches your study interests.

Plan A...B...C(learing)

Duaa came to the University of Bradford to study BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences and got her place through Clearing. 

"There are all sorts of ridiculous myths surrounding the Clearing process and as someone who went through it all, I can now confirm that most of them are untrue.

Applying to universities through Clearing could have been long and exhausting but the people I spoke to throughout the process were incredibly supportive and helped me deal with that results day anxiety that the majority of us feel.

Unfortunately, on results day, I didn't do as well as I hoped I would in one of my subjects. It would be false news for me to claim that I did not mope around for a good couple of hours until my mum told me to snap out of it and check out Clearing.

So, after several hours of ringing different universities and reading course descriptions, I finally came across the Clinical Sciences course at the University of Bradford, suddenly I had found a course which sounded perfect for me.

The truth is that everybody’s Clearing experience is slightly different and there is no right or wrong way to go through it. By the end of results day, I was really happy with the fact that I had gotten onto a decent course and I have no regrets whatsoever".

Read Duaa's full blog here

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