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Social Sciences

You will learn in a research-informed education environment, with a commitment to excellence in teaching and to making a difference in social and economic issues at local, regional, national and global levels.

We work closely with governments, public bodies and multilateral organisations including Rotary, the United Nations, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the European Commission, the Quakers, and others.

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Daniella Tracey

Psychology BSc (Hons) 

"I did my dissertation in third year on Gender Disappointment (GD). When I got pregnant in my final year I started to read about how some women suffer with GD.

"The subject was really relevant to me at the time as I could relate to it directly. I gained one of the top marks in year and I'm currently working on having it published in a journal.

"It was the Psychology lecturers (the best aspect of studying at Bradford). They were all so supportive and it wasn’t just because I was a similar age as a mature student – they just cared about everybody.

"They were all teaching their specialist subjects and were so interested in the work they were doing. For example, one of the lecturers worked in American prisons doing psychological tests on death row inmates; she could share her lived experiences of Psychology from a hands-on perspective. It really puts Psychology theory into context."



A picture of Daniella Tracey, former student at the University.