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Change your plan

Plan B(radford)

If things don’t go quite as planned with your results and you are unable to secure a place on your desired course, or you change your mind about where or what you’d like to study at university, there are plenty of options available to you.

Swapping to Bradford from another uni

If you’re holding an unconditional firm offer for a different university, it’s not too late to swap to the University of Bradford. Search our website for available courses, then use our Clearing self-apply system to receive an instant decision.

If you’re offered a place, visit your UCAS Hub to release yourself into Clearing, and add the course you have been offered as your Clearing choice.

Swapping your course choice at Bradford

If you are already holding a place on a course at Bradford and would like to swap to a different course at the University, call our Clearing team to discuss your options.

If you are offered a place on a different course, you’ll need to decline your existing offer on UCAS Hub and add your new course as your Clearing choice. 

Alternative course offer

Occasionally we offer applicants a place on an alternative course if they don't get the grades required for their original offer. The alternative course usually allows the applicant to explore similar career options and use many of the same skills.

If you have applied to the University of Bradford already and do not get the grades you need for your course on results day you may see an offer for a new course in your UCAS Hub. We look at the subjects you have studied and the grades you have achieved and find you a course that we think will interest you - this could be another degree programme or a foundation course.

If you've been made an alternative offer you can accept it in your UCAS Hub, or if you want more information before making a decision you can call our Clearing helpline. If you’re unsure about your alternative course, you can explore other courses through Clearing before making a final decision.

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Foundation courses

Foundation courses are one-year programmes that give you the knowledge-base and skills needed to progress onto an undergraduate degree. They’re ideal for students who don’t meet the entry requirements for degree level study.

Once you successfully complete your foundation course you’ll be able to progress onto one of our undergraduate degree courses.

reasons to do a foundation year

  • You haven’t got the qualifications needed for undergraduate study
  • Experience higher level education without committing to a full degree
  • Gain confidence and develop your skills
  • Get a taster of a subject you are interested in studying at university
  • Head in a new direction by studying something completely new
Three Engineering Foundation students working together in class.

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