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Wajd Saleh Barahim

I am Wajd Saleh Barahim from Yemen, and I am studying for a Master’s in Peace, Conflict and Development at the University of Bradford.

I received a Chevening Award that allowed me to pursue my dream to obtain a Master’s degree in the UK.

My undergraduate degree was in Information Technology from London Metropolitan University.

I have 11 years of work experience in Prodigy Systems one of the local Companies in Yemen that provides services to NGOs. I started as a Project Assistant in 2007, and then I was promoted to a Project Manager. As a Projects Manager, I managed around 120 temporary contracted employees to do the research and field study all over Yemen. During the last years, I was leading Monitoring and Evaluation Projects (M&E), particularly in humanitarian projects which helped international organizations deliver their assistance to local beneficiaries.

While implementing those projects, I was working with highly respected partners, such as the World Bank, WFP, UNHCR, UNICEF and USAID. I established a strong network with governmental and international organizations, internally displaced persons (IPDs), and researchers.

My choice for the MA in Peace, Conflict and Development was carefully selected because Yemen is one of the developing countries engaged in severe conflicts, that creates the need for large scale peace-building and development projects.

Studying at the University of Bradford will equip me with the right tools and knowledge to manage complex and large projects, and it will help me to contribute to building my country.