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Employing students for specific roles within Departments - Policy and Procedure

Help and support is available from Career and Employability Services at all stages of these procedures.

Students working on campus – specific, identified roles within Departments

  • The Department writes a job description and advert and sends it to Career and Employability Services. The Department also completes a University worker request form (docx, 40 KB). You will need to send a signed copy through the post. We advertise the roles on our website through our Jobs Online service.
  • The Department is responsible for organising its own recruitment and selection according to University Policy but we can help facilitate this process.
  • The Department selects the student(s) and tells them the offer of work is subject to contract. The department informs Career and Employability Services who they have selected by completing the Casual appointment offer form (docx, 60 KB)‌.
  • A timesheet is issued to the department.
  • They ask the selected students to come to Career and Employability Services in order to complete a contract and to bring with them the following documents: Passport or full British Birth Certificate, Student card, National Insurance Card (or evidence of NI such as a tax form or old payslip), Bank details. Contracts are issued by appointment Mondays to Thursdays between 10am and 12noon, except for Wednesdays where they are issued between 2-4pm.
  • Students cannot start work until they have proved their eligibility to work and been issued with a contract of employment by Career and Employability Services. This is an absolute. We can usually issue contracts within a working day if the student has all the necessary paperwork and identification.
  • Students can only hold a contract whilst they remain a current student – they must have a current status on SITS in order to work for the University.
  • Once we have issued a contract of employment, we will confirm this with the Department and the student can commence work. If we are unable to issue a contract of employment, Departments will be informed of the reason.
  • A student will be issued with a contract for one year from their start date; or for a set period of time negotiated with the Department.
  • The department will induct the student and then they can start work. It is expected that the Department will manage any performance or reliability issues, with appropriate support from Career and Employability Services. Please see Dealing with Performance Issues if you need any help.
  • Departments must submit timesheets for each student employee. Students are paid monthly and it is important that timesheets are returned at least two days before the pay submission date.
  • Career and Employability Services then arranges payment and deals with any queries.
  • Students can collect pay slips from Career and Employability Services on pay day.
  • If it is necessary to withdraw a student’s contract because they no longer have a current status on SITS, you will be informed.
  • We will give Departments appropriate notice when contracts are due to expire and we will also give the students the same notice.
  • Students cannot work beyond the end of the contract and no payments will be made outside of contract. When a student’s contract runs out, they may be offered an extension of another year (or for a set period of time negotiated with you), after a minimum break of four weeks, subject to University need and subject to eligibility to work.
  • Information regarding EU / International student eligibility to work is available.


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