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Babasola Ogunnaike

BEng (Hons) Civil and Structural Engineering 2012
MSc in Transport Engineering and Business Management, Imperial College, London

Babasola Ogunnaike

Why did you apply to Bradford and why did you choose your course?

I applied to the University of Bradford for a number of reasons: the high number of students gaining employment within the first 6 months of obtaining their degrees, the positive comments about the dedication and enthusiasm of lecturers by students, and the plan for the university to become an ecoversity.

From an early age, I had an interest in structures and the environment, and looking at the mixture of modules offered, I was convinced that Civil and Structural Engineering was the course for me. The course is challenging, but I love challenges, and with hard work I was able to complete it successfully.

What do you like about the University and your course?

It is a small university so there is a very good feeling of a nice community whilst on campus. All my lecture theatres and the library were on campus, so I enjoyed not having to travel far to study. The university has a vast array of societies available to students of any background, and I was an active member of a number of societies, from which I gained a lot. Above all, I love the fact the lecturers were very friendly and were always willing to help.

What support have you received from Career Development Services whilst at University?

I must commend the efforts of Career Development Services. They helped me to improve my CV, covering letter and interview skills and also informed me of vacancies. Very useful I must say! My only regret whilst at university is that I did not find out about Career Development Services early enough.

What action are you taking to improve your employability whilst at University?

I was the Treasurer for the Afro Caribbean Society (ACS) in 2010/11 and the student Course Representative for the Civil Engineering Department from 2010. I also attended a lot of workshops, educational forums and career programmes set up by the school and different societies and did a lot of volunteering around Bradford city.

In addition, during the summer vacation, back in Nigeria, I took the opportunity to do 2 summer placements, one with a civil engineering company and the other with a firm of architects. I learnt so much from the practical experience, putting what I have learnt in theory into practice.

What advice would you give to your fellow international students about improving their employability?

I would encourage international students to familiarise themselves with Career Development Services at an early stage, and also try and get work experience so as to build their CVs. If you do go back home on vacation, take the opportunity to gain some work experience / summer placements, particularly in your field of study. You should also be active in the university, for example by joining societies.

What have you enjoyed most about being an international student at the University of Bradford?

Being an international student, it was pleasing to find out that 22% of students at the University of Bradford are from over 110 different countries; hence it was not hard to fit into the university community and make priceless friendships.

What would you say about the University of Bradford and the city to prospective international students?

I would say that the University of Bradford is a very homely community and that international students should not be afraid to interact and socialise with people from other backgrounds and ask for help if needed, because there a lot of people willing to offer a helping hand.

What do you do now? What are your plans for the future?

I recently graduated with a First Class Honours and will pursue an MSc in Transport Engineering and Business Management at Imperial College London in October 2012.


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