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The Bradford Graduate Programme 

What is the Bradford Graduate Programme? 

A 12-week flexible career planning and job preparation programme. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who has graduated from the University of Bradford within the last two years who wants to find work – whether that’s getting a job or moving on from their current one. If you graduated within the last five years, we can still support you. 

How much does it cost? 

Nothing – it’s absolutely free. 

What if I’m working? 

The programme is designed to work around your work commitments.   

Ok, sounds good… but what’s the catch? 

There isn’t one. Put simply – we’re a passionate team who truly want the best for you. We love seeing our graduates move on to achieve great things, both personally and professionally, and the BGP can really help with this.   

If you achieve your goals before the end of 12 weeks, we'll celebrate your success and look forward to hearing how your career develops. If you need more time, we’ll still be here to help you. 

To find out more, register your interest, a member of our team will contact you so you can find out more about the programme and if it is right for you. We'll start contacting interested graduates in January 2021.

Individual career coaching and consultation

Our experienced team will help you: 

  • Consider your options and the routes open to you 
  • Turn your ideas into a career plan 
  • Build confidence and keep motivated 
  • Connect with employers 

We are open all year round. You can choose to access these remotely via video (Microsoft Teams or Zoom), phone or email, or there are number of appointments available on campus for face-to-face careers support. 

We also offer quick queries appointments for initial enquiries.


Customised application and interview support

Customised support to help you:

  • Make your written applications and CVs stand out
  • Practice your interview and presentation skills
  • Develop skills for handling assessment centres and selection tests

Targeted job and internship search

Targeted job search to help you:

  • Find a job or internshipwhere to look and the best approaches
  • Make applications, prepare for interviews and assessment centres
  • Network to make the most of the hidden jobs market


We also run the Bradford Graduate Internship Programme which gives graduates struggling to find work valuable PAID work experience and the opportunity to develop employability skills and improve the chances of securing a permanent job.


Tailored workshops

Join our BGP workshops, webinars and events, as well as any of the regular year-round events open to graduates.

You will need a My Career and Employability Centre account to register, and here you can also see selected external events that may be of interest.


More resources for graduates

You have access to our great online resources including Build My Career. This virtual careers centre has an interview simulator, an online CV builder, job hunting support and masses of very useful videos and podcasts.

If you are not already registered, please email us with your name and personal email address we will set you up with a graduate login (please let us know which resources you'd like access to in your email).

  • You also have access to our Graduates First Practice Test portal, which features a variety of sample psychometric tests, including verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests.
A screenshot of the Build My Career resource

Please get in touch with us to find out more, and remember that we offer all our services and ongoing support to graduates for FIVE YEARS after your studies.