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Small Projects

Some of our academic Faculties offer small, fee free, projects to businesses designed by undergraduate or postgraduate students to support them with their final stages of study.  This is sometimes done in exchange for a short presentation from you during a lecture to help relate their study to the real world.

If you have a short project you need doing in a specialised field that we have expertise in but have a limited budget, our students and postgraduates are often looking for paid placements between 4 weeks and 12 months to expand their knowledge and experience.  Our Careers Service can help you find suitable candidates to take some of the pain out of the selection process.

Our academic staff can also work as consultants on short-term assignments for businesses to solve immediate problems, or give advice. This option gives you access to expertise that may be unaffordable or unavailable on a long-term basis.  Innovate UK Innovation Vouchers may be available to support consultancy for SMEs.