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How we use our IP

Here are some examples of Spin-out and Joint Venture companies created using the University's Intellectual Property:

Lecturer with eye lab equipment and student


Oilflow Solutions

Oilflow Solutions was formed to market a portfolio of new product systems targeted at the flow optimisation of heavy and waxy crudes. Our combined strengths of science, engineering, and field management expertise, aligned with a unique technology, deliver total solutions to create flow assurance from the most difficult reserves.

Lena Nanoceuticals

Lena Nanoceutics is a technology based company focused on the development of improved formulation processes for prescription drugs, over the counter medicines and healthcare products.

Acoustic Sensing Technology Limited

Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) Ltd was created in 2013, as a new Company, with investment from the North West Fund managed by 350 Investment Partners to provide new technology for the water industry and for other industries, both in the UK and worldwide. The SewerBatt™ inspection system, which is light in weight and easy to use is the current flagship product and uses acoustics to identify issues within pipework.


Incanthera is a revolutionary oncology company with a unique pipeline of technologies that target tumours. Incanthera’s lead cancer therapeutic opportunity is a new chemical entity called ICT2588, which has been designed to attack all forms of solid tumours while leaving healthy tissue unharmed and was originally developed by The Insitute of Cancer Therapeutics within the University of Bradford. They have secured investment from SPARK Impact, managers of the North West Fund for Biomedical, to provide capital for Incanthera’s development plan and are now looking for further investment to progress to Phase 1 clinical trial.


Tangentix was formed to commercialise new mathematics from the University of Bradford for representing 3D objects using Partial Differential Equations. Tangentix holds key patents on these techniques and others developed for other different compression challenges and has shown utilisation within download compression for the gaming market. More recently Tangentix has developed its unique Progresive DRM™ technology to allow games to be distributed to users for free without worsening the piracy problems that concern most publishers.


CrystecPharma applies the latest supercritical fluid technology to improve the performance of medicines. We provide crystal and particle engineering solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, contributing to human health by enabling new and more effective therapies. Applications of Crystec technology include enhancing the dissolution and bioavailability of drugs, optimising release profiles, as well as improving stability and processing characteristics.