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Research Case Studies

Case Study 1

In a collaboration with the Bradford Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust, Head and Neck cancer specialist Consultant Mr J McCaul, Ethical Tissue has banked a large number of donated tissues. Mr McCaul also provided funding for a PhD student to conduct studies using this tissue and the associated FFPE pathology blocks (title of study). Consultant Pathologist at BTHFT, Dr D Gouldesbrough selected 20 of the most appropriate blocks for the study, these were linked by Ethical Tissue through the donors unique donation code to the fresh tissue in the bank.   

Case Study 2

Biliary Atresia is a rare disorder in the newborn which affects the liver. The Children's Hospital in the Leeds General Infirmary is one of three Specialist Centres in the country who see children admitted with this condition. Mr N Alizai has banked tissue obtained at the corrective surgery of these children and the protocols for a pilot study into this condition will be developed by scientists. The results from this initial study will hopefully allow funding applications for a more extensive amount of research into this distressing disorder.

Children's Liver Disease Foundation  

Case Study 3

A major Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) required biological blanks from their workforce. Ethical Tissue set up an independent system within the company to approach staff to volunteer to be a healthy donor; restricted the number and amounts of blood samples they could give (in the donors interest); supported trained staff in the process of taking consent and working with the company developed a system so that the donor identity remained confidential. 

Case Study 4

An essential part of our Ethics Approval is that we supply the Yorkshire and the Humber (Leeds East) National Research Ethics Committee with an annual return of our activity. Part of that annual reurn is a lay summary of the Applications that have been received that year.