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Donating tissue

As well as patient donations and tissue donations after death, Ethical Tissue collects donations from healthy volunteers or volunteers with certain conditions that researchers are looking for treatments for.

You can donate as part of the University of Bradford student or staff community.  We advertise these opportunities internally when we are looking for donations.  As a patient, Ethical Tissue asks people on a regular basis, who are coming into hospital for treatment or attending a clinic for an operation or some form of clinical procedure, whether they would like to take part in ongoing biomedical research.

We collect many different types of tissue and body fluids for use in biomedical research.  Scientists need these types of human tissue, cells and body fluids for research work into finding out how a disease starts as well as finding different ways of diagnosing and treating a disease or illness. The purpose of Ethical Tissue is to help biomedical researchers involved with preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of illnesses.

We will ensure that information about donors remains strictly confidential and does not pass on personal data to researchers.  After you have donated you also have the right to withdraw any unused donations you have made from being used in the future.

We would like to thank all those involved in donating samples for biomedical research.