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Facilities and Laboratory

The Bioincubator facilities provide a restricted access, secure office and associated containment level 2 laboratory. These support the processing, storage and traceability of samples. All freezers have emergency backup procedures.

Ethical Tissue's Standard operating Procedures (SOPs) cover all validated processes and equipment which have assigned monitoring, cleaning and maintenance schedules.

The agreed collection protocols for each tissue track the process of acquring tissue and transportation to the laboratory in order to preserve the integrity of the tissue samples. Pre-processing of samples can be arranged immediately after collection with temporary storage in Ethical Tissue before transfer to the researcher.

All samples are logged onto a central database in order to ensure traceability of all samples using the unique code asigned to each donation.

Personal donor information is never issued and is kept under strict security and confidentiality.

Ethical Tissue staff receive constant training as befits an environment of quality management and regulatory affairs.

Storage facilities

Arrangements can be made with Ethical Tissue to attend theatres to snap freeze tissues in liquid nitrogen before transporting and transferring them to the storage facilities. Pathology Blocks associated with a fresh tissue donation can be requested.

The -800C freezers have defined subcompartments to aid traceability of stored tissues. There is a robust system of backup in the event of failure in the storage area and contingency plans in place.  

Viable primary cells are stored in liquid nitrogen Dewars in defined locations.   

Laboratory facilities

Apart from the storage facilities Ethical Tissue has a range of capabilities:

  • Cell culture
  • Histology
  • Protein biochemistry
  • Ultracentrifugation