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About Us

Ethical Tissue is an Ethically Approved Human Research Tissue Bank, licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) (external link) to collect, store and supply a wide range of human tissue, cells and fluids to biomedical research groups in academia and industry.  

Ethical Tissue offers a streamlined way of providing the research community with access to human tissue:

  • Researchers receiving samples from Ethical Tissue are NOT required to have individual project based ethical approval from the National Research Ethics Services (NRES) (external link)
  • Once applications have successfully been through the streamlined approval process in Ethical Tissue, anonymised bio-samples and data can be issued to researchers throughout the UK and abroad. Our Ethical Approval status greatly reduces the time from application to receiving tissue
  • Bio-samples can be sourced throughout the UK and abroad

Ethical Tissue also offers additional services including:

  • On-site healthy volunteer consent and samples in academia and industry
  • Compliance audits and HTA training sessions
  • Support for NRES Approval and HTA Licensing Applications in the UK
  • Method development or tissue processing to meet your requirements
  • Management of clinical trial samples
  • Management of 'end-of-trial' tissue samples
  • Long-term, archive storage