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About us

Ethical Tissue is an Ethically Approved Human Research Tissue Bank, licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) to collect, store and supply a wide range of human tissue, cells, and fluids to biomedical research groups in academia and industry.  

We offer a streamlined way of providing the research community with access to human tissue:

  • Researchers receiving samples from Ethical Tissue are NOT required to have individual project based ethical approval from the National Research Ethics Services (NRES) (external link)
  • Once applications have successfully been through the streamlined approval process in Ethical Tissue, anonymised bio-samples and data can be issued to researchers throughout the UK and abroad. Our Ethical Approval status greatly reduces the time from application to receiving tissue (typically 4 weeks)
  • Bio-samples can be sourced throughout the UK and abroad

We also offers additional services:

  • On-site healthy volunteer consent and samples in academia and industry
  • Support for NRES Approval and HTA Licensing Applications in the UK
  • Method development or tissue processing to meet your requirements
  • Management of clinical trial samples
  • Management of 'end-of-trial' tissue samples
  • Long-term, archive storage

We have dedicated facilities within the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Bradford. As part of the University of Bradford we have access to a wealth of disciplines including proteomics, electron and confocal microscopy, PKPD studies and drug development.

We do not carry large stores of donated samples, Ethical Tissue is keen to have tissues in research studies not in the tissue bank - we currently transfer 75-80% of our donations directly to the researcher.

Approved Research Tissue Bank status

Ethical Tissue obtained Ethics Approval for a research tissue bank from the Leeds (East) Research Ethics Committee in September 2007 (07/H1306/98). A successful re-application prior to the expiry of the first 5-year period of Approval from the NRES Committee Yorkshire & The Humber - Leeds East, resulted in a second 5-year period of Approval (07/H1306/98+5) to 2017. Health Research Authority (external link) 

An essential part of our Approval status allows Independent Scientific Advisory Consultants (ISAC's) to scrutinize an application for tissue to assess the scientific content of the study and the scientific standing of the PI to conduct the research. Since researchers receive anonymised samples and associated information from Ethical Tissue the Approval process is very streamlined. The process can be as short as three weeks.

Where we have the requested samples in the bank the researcher can receive their requested samples and data very quickly once Independent Approval has been granted. We also work with a number of hospitals and specialisms where we may be able to provide samples and data not currently in the bank, although this may take slightly longer.