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A person eating a wrap.

The three best food and drink spots in Bradford
Bradford Life Blog

It's hard to beat Bradford when it comes to food. Mamtaz shares her favourite places to eat and drink in our brilliant city.

As someone who is a food lover and a native of Bradford, I know loads of places around the city that do good food. In this blog, we will dive into my favourite food places in Bradford that you must try. Bradford has it all, whether you want a creamy coffee, a delicious dessert or a hearty meal.

Best coffee spot: Smorgasbord Coffee Bar

2-4 Rawson Pl, Bradford, BD1 3QQ

A coffee and ice cream sit on a table with someone walking in the background.

There's nothing like starting your day with fresh, perfectly ground coffee. Smorgasbord Coffee bar is my go-to spot whether I am in the mood for a strong espresso or a delightful frappuccino. The café's ambience is filled with warmth and a homey feeling that reminds you of the comfort of home. The place has cosy spaces that allow you to read or to catch up with friends. Do not miss their mouth-watering pastries, especially the pistachio croissant, paired with a delicious cup of coffee.

Sweet indulgence: Heavenly Desserts

254 Great Horton Rd, Bradford BD7 1PU

A chocolate dessert in a bowl with ice cream and sauce.

Heavenly Desserts is the place to go for those with a sweet tooth. This elegant dessert parlour has rows of delicious desserts, from luxurious Belgian waffles topped with rich chocolate to creamy gelato and artistic cakes. The sophisticated décor and attentive service make it a perfect place for any occasion, whether a celebration day or a special treat. My favourite is their signature red velvet cheesecake – a dream for dessert lovers.

Affordable eats: MyLahore

52 Great Horton Rd, Bradford BD7 1AL

Two bowls of food appear in the image, one a red curry, the other a yellow curry.

Why should enjoying great food have to break the bank? MyLahore is a chic spot that offers a wide range of international food, from Italian to South Asian styles. The meals are pocket-friendly, but that does not impact the taste of the food. There is plenty to choose from, from their famous falafel wraps to mighty rice bowls. The location is a cherry on top as it is only a short walk from the University, meaning it is affordable and easy to get to without any hassle. What more can you ask for?

There's lots to do around Bradford, alongside visiting amazing cafés and restaurants. Discover Bradford and everything it has to offer to get the most out of your university experience.