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Getting into university: a guide for Clearing
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Natalie secured her place at Bradford through Clearing. She shares her Clearing experience and gives tips and advice for students thinking of going through the process.

If you are looking into applying to a university for the coming 2024-25 academic year but still haven't secured a place after 30 June, Clearing might be a good option to consider. The application process can seem a little daunting, but the aim of this blog is to give you some advice and clear up some misconceptions people might have about Clearing.

What is Clearing?

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Clearing is a process run by UCAS. It is another opportunity for anyone without a confirmed place at university to apply for a degree course starting in September. From 5 July - 21 October 2024, you can apply for a course using Clearing if you’re not already holding an offer from a university or college, and the course still has places.

How do you enter Clearing?

Clearing 2024 opens on 5 July and closes on 21 October at 18:00 (BST). To apply for Clearing, you will need a UCAS Hub account and your exam results. If a university has given you an offer but you would like to apply elsewhere, you can self-release into Clearing, but this also means you will lose your current offers.

Why Clearing?

There are various reasons to apply via Clearing:

  • You did not get into either of your chosen universities on Results Day
  • You did not get any offers from the first round
  • You changed your mind on the course you would like to pursue
  • You achieved higher grades than expected and would like to apply for a course with higher grade requirements

My experience with Clearing

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After completing my university application, I changed my mind about the course I wanted to pursue, so I started looking for alternate options for going to university.

As soon as I learned that some universities offer places for physiotherapy in Clearing, I began to look up some of the course details for each of them to see which one would suit me the best. During my research, I realised that the University of Bradford usually takes applications for Clearing, so I started familiarising myself with what the course offers and had it as my first choice.

I was also aware that Clearing could have been a competitive process due to the limited places left, so I made sure to act fast as soon as I received my results. As an international student, I had the advantage of University Education Fairs being held in my city on Results Day and I visited and made a few applications with university representatives.

Luckily, I got an interview with the University of Bradford and got accepted soon after, marking the start of my student journey at Bradford!


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Act fast

As the places might get filled up quickly, make your applications as soon as you have your results with you.

Prepare well

Make sure you have the right documents ready with you, such as examination results and personal statements. (It was not needed from me, but it is good to have one with you just in case!)

Think carefully

If you are giving up your offers and self-releasing into Clearing, make sure you have thought this through and are certain about this decision!

Keep choices open

Have backup choices just in case things don’t work out, or have multiple choices you would like to go for.

Applying to university might seem like a daunting process, but if you stay well prepared and do enough research, you will maximise your chance of securing the course of your choice. Good luck!

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