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Programme Specifications

The Programme Specification

A programme specification is defined as "a definitive record of each programme or qualification approved and its intended learning outcomes" (QAA, 2014). These publically available documents should clearly show:

  • the intended learning outcomes of the programme
  • the teaching and learning methods that enable learners to achieve these outcomes and the assessment methods used to demonstrate their achievement
  • the relationship of the programme and its study elements to the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications, and, where appropriate, subject benchmark statements.

A programme specification is required for all programmes. It must include learning outcomes for any embedded awards, in addition to the final/target award. Guidance on writing a programme specification is available, together with a template that includes standard paragraphs for inclusion in all specifications - contact your LTQE Faculty Business Partner or check the LTQE SharePoint site.

Faculties should ensure the programme specification is clear about any specific regulatory requirements or special requirements that must be met to gain the award, over and above successful completion of the modules; for example, placement requirements or professional body examinations. The programme specification must address the themes and principles of the Bradford Curriculum Framework.