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Module descriptors for 2018-19

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Module code Module title
COS5018-B  Numerical Analysis
CSE7009-B  Advanced Geotechnics
GAV5019-B  Application Programming and Development
LAW7014-B  Employment Law
BIS5016-B  Work-based Learning and Professional Practice 2 for Healthcare Scientists
ARC5017-B  Virtual Anatomy for Forensic Sciences
ARC5026-B  Understanding Artefacts
ARC6006-B  The Viking Settlement of the North Atlantic
AFE6002-B  Taxation
ARC5022-B  Statistics and Databases for Forensic Scientists
ARC7049-E  Stage Four Research Project
AFE6013-B  Risk Management and Derivatives
BIS6010-B  Research Topics 2
BIS6008-B  Research Topics 1 in Medical Microbiology
BIS6006-B  Research Topics 1 in Medical Cell Biology
BIS6009-B  Research Topics 1 in Medical Biochemistry
BIS6013-B  Research Topics 1 in Haematology and Transfusion Science
BIS6007-B  Research Topics 1 in Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
BIS6016-D  Research Project for Healthcare Science
ARC6019-B  Reconstructing Past Environments
ARC6026-B  Professional Development: Forensic Enquiry and Critical Case Study
ARC5027-B  Prehistoric Societies
BIS6015-A  Pregnancy and Paediatric Blood Science
ARC5023-D  Practical Chemistry for Forensic Scientists 2
ARC5013-Z  Placement
BIS5015-B  Pathology
AFE5013-B  Multinational Finance and Investment
BIS5014-B  Molecular Genetics
BIS5008-B  Medical Microbiology
BIS6011-B  Medical Genetics
ARC5004-B  Laboratory Science
AFE3001-B  Introduction to Accounting (Oman)
ARC5025-B  Interpreting the Past
ARC6024-B  Interpretation and Presentation of Forensic Evidence for Forensic Science
AFE6012-B  International Accounting and Reporting
AFE5021-B  Intermediate Microeconomics
AFE5022-B  Intermediate Macroeconomics
ARC5021-C  Integrated Science Group Project
ARC5009-B  Instrumental Analysis
BIS5012-B  Immunology, Haematology and Transfusion Science
ARC5012-B  Human Remains and Environmental Evidence
ARC6002-B  Human Osteoarchaeology
ARC5016-B  Heritage Management with GIS
ARC6010-B  Funerary Archaeology
ARC6017-B  Forensic Archaeology
ARC6011-B  Forensic Anthropology
AFE6016  Finance Project
AFE6014-B  Empirical Methods in Accounting and Finance
AFE6019-B  Econometrics
AFE6030-D  Dissertation in Financial Economics
AFE6017-D  Dissertation in Economics
ARC6025-D  Dissertation
BIS6017-B  Diagnostics in Biochemistry and Immunology
BIS5003-B  Developing Professional Skills 2
AFE7002-A  Corporate Finance (Distance Learning)
AFE6018-B  Contemporary Issues in Economics
BIS6018-B  Clinical Diagnostics in Reproductive Science
BIS5013-B  Clinical and Analytical Biochemistry
ARC6023-B  Chronology, Diet and Identity
AFE7033-A  Business Economics (Executive MBA)
AFE7008-A  Business Economics (Distance Learning)
AFE7003-A  Business Accounting (Distance Learning)
ARC6033-B  Biomolecular approaches to the study of human skeletal remains
BIS6012-B  Biology of Disease
ARC5029-B  Bioarchaeology: Humans, Plants and Animals
ARC6031-B  Archaeology in Contemporary Society
ARC5024-B  Archaeological Fieldwork
ARC6027-B  Analysis of Controlled Substances
AFE6020-B  Advanced Economics
AFE7031-A  Corporate Finance (Executive)
BIS6019-B  Diagnostic Histopathology
BIS6020-A  Applications of Cytopathology
BIS6021-B  Infectious Disease: Establishment, Treatment and Control
AFE5011-B  Financial Management
BIS6022-B  Diagnostic Microbiology
BIS6023-A  Parasitology and Fungal Infections
BIS6026-D  Biomedical Science Research Project
CFS4028-B  Organic Chemistry 1 (at distance)
CFS4029-B  Inorganic Chemistry 1 (at distance)
CFS4030-B  Study Skills for Apprentices
CFS4031-C  Practical Chemistry for Apprentices 1
CFS5015-A  Enterprise and Commercial Awareness for Scientists
CFS5016-B  Inorganic Chemistry 2
CFS5017-B  Organic Chemistry 2
CFS5019-D  Practical Chemistry 2
CFS6010-C  Integrated Science Research Project
CFS6012-A  Entrepreneurial Creativity for Scientists
CFS6014-B  Bio-organic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry
CFS6016-B  Molecular Analysis
CFS6017-B  Organic Chemistry 3
CFS7004-E  Stage Four Placement Project
CFS7005-E  Stage Four Research Project
CFS7007-A  Advanced Topics in Chemistry: Physical Chemistry of Nanoscience
CLS4001-B  Special Studies 1
CLS4002-B  Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Systems
CLS4003-B  Nutrition and Energy
CLS4004-C  Integrated Medical Sciences
CLS4005-C  Personal and Professional Development, Society and Health
CLS5002-B  Genetics & Health
CLS5003-B  Skin, Sensation and Movement
CLS5004-B  Personal, Career and Professional Development
CLS5005-B  Special Studies 2
CLS6001-B  Clinical Pharmacology
CLS6002-B  Economics of Healthcare Management
CLS6003-D  Special Studies and Personal & Professional Development 3
CLS6004-B  Central Nervous System Mechanisms, Disorders and Therapeutics
COS5017-B  System Security Management
COS5019-B  Enterprise Pro
AFE3002-B  Mathematics and Statistics for Accounting (Oman)
AFE5004-B  Management Accounting
AFE5008-B  Financial Accounting
AFE5009-B  Auditing
SOW6001-B  Service Users' and Carers' Perspectives
SOW5004-B  Working with Adults
SAC6009-B  Understanding Social and Personal Identities
SAC6007-D  Work Placement
SIB5003-B  Strategic Management
SIB6003-A  Understanding Strategic Management
SIB7003-A  Strategic Management (Distance Learning)
SIB7017-A  Strategic Management (Executive)
SAC6002-B  Understanding Culture and Society
SAC6001-B  The Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations
SAC5006-B  Youth and Crime
SAC5001-B  The British Welfare State
LAT7004-B  Teaching Practice and Professional Development
PSY6010-D  Research Project in Psychology with Counselling
PSY6009-D  Research Project in Psychology
PSY5010-B  Social Psychology (Level 5)
PRP5016-B  Work Based Learning 1 (Responsible Working Practices)
HRM4001-A  Student Self Development
LAW5004-B  The Law of Tort
CFS7001-A  Advanced Topics in Chemistry: Organic Synthesis
RES6001-B  Research for Advancing Professional Practice
CFS7002-A  Advanced Topics in Chemistry: Bio-inorganic Chemistry
SAC5012-B  Research and Evaluation
CFS6030-D  Advanced Laboratory and Research Skills
SAC5011-B  Race and Ethnicity
ARC6028-B  Advanced Archaeological Fieldwork
PSY5011-B  Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analysis
SAC5009-B  Psychological Profiling
PSY5009-B  Psychobiology and Neuroscience
OCT5006-B  Professional Placement Two
OCT5005-B  Professional Placement Three
PRE7002-D  Prescribing for Healthcare Professionals (Level 7)
RAD5006-D  Practicing Radiography in a Diverse Society
PRP5011-B  Practice Placement 1
SOW5003-D  Practice Learning I
SAC5004-B  Popular Culture
SAC6013-B  Policing
SAC5003-B  Offenders, Punishment and Change
PSI7012-C  Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Lower Limb and Metabolic Bone Disease
SIB6011-B  Multinationals in Emerging Economies
SAC6006-B  Models of Forensic Psychology
SOW5005-B  Mental Health
PSI7007-C  Menopausal issues, gynaecological cancers, incontinence and prolapse
RAD6005-B  Medical Imaging Option
SAC6012-B  Living in a Sustainable Society
SOW5009-B  Learning from Practice
LAW6014-B  Law of Succession
SOW5002-B  Law
RAD6001-C  Justification, Optimisation and Interpretation in Medical Imaging
PSI7004-C  Ischaemic Heart Disease
RAD5007-B  Introduction to Image Interpretation
SAC6005-B  International Perspectives on Crime
LAW6010-B  Law of Evidence
SIB6001-A  International Business Strategy
SIB5001-B  International Business Strategy
LAW6013-B  Immigration and Asylum Law
RAD5005-D  Imaging Modalities in Practice
RAD6004-C  Imaging in Context
PSI7003-C  Hypertension, arrhythmias and conduction disorders
SIB6002-A  Global Business Environment
OPT7002-B  Glaucoma 1
ARC5020-B  Forensic Examination and Analysis of Physical Evidence
ARC5028-B  Celts, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
LAW6011-B  Family Law
OPT6013-B  Evidence-Based Optometry II
OPT5003-A  Evidence Based Optometry 1
SIB5006-B  European Business and Management
LAW6025-B  Employment Law
SOW5008-B  Effective Interventions with Children and Families
SAC5013-B  Dissertation Preparation
SAC6004-E  Dissertation
SAC6010-D  Dissertation
SAC6011-D  Dissertation (Applied Criminal Justice Studies)
PSY5014-Z  Placement
PRP5015-Z  Paramedic Professional Sandwich Year
PSY5012-B  Methodological Issues and Qualitative Research
LAW6007-B  International Criminal Law
LAW6005-D  Law in the Community 2 (Law Clinic) (extended)
LAW6004-B  Law in the Community 2 (Law Clinic)
LAW6003-B  Law Dissertation
LAW6002-B  Equity and Trusts
LAW6001-B  Land Law
LEM7025-C  Leading and Managing in Organisations
LEM7018-C  Strategic Business and Service Planning
MAE7025-B  Integrated Problem Solving Using Six Sigma Methodology
MAE7020-B  Robust Engineering Systems Analysis and Failure Mode Avoidance
MAE6016-B  Sensors and Instrumentation
MAE6015-B  Vehicle Dynamics and Control
MAE6012-B  Materials Failure Analysis
MAE6011-B  Manufacturing Systems Engineering
MAE5008-A  Mechanisms for Design
MAE5005-B  Materials Engineering and Design
MAE5004-A  Fluid Mechanics 2
MAE5003-A  Thermodynamics 2
MAE4010-A  Thermodynamics 1
MAE4009-A  Fluid Mechanics 1
MAE4007-B  Materials Technology and Structural Mechanics
MAL7038-A  International Master's Summer School (Non-Credit Bearing)
MAL7008-B  Research Philosophy
MAL7007-B  Introduction to Research Methods at Doctorate Level
MAL7002-D  MBA Management Project
MAL5009-Z  Placement
MAL3002-B  Language for Higher Education (Oman)
MAL3001-B  The Effective Learner (Oman)
OIM7002-A  Operations Management (Distance Learning)
OIM5011-B  Supply Chain Management (in company)
OIM5010-B  Electronic Commerce (In Company)
OIM5009-B  Management of Information Systems
OIM4001-A  Quantitative Methods in Information Management
OIM3001-B  Information Handling Foundation Skills
PAR6004-B  Enhancing Sport Performance
PAR6002-B  Evidence Based Guideline Development
PAR5015-B  Work Based Learning 1 (MPhysiotherapy)
PAR5014-D  Work Based Learning 1 (Level 5)
PAR5013-B  Evidencing Rehabilitation in Sport and Health
PAR5011-B  Research Methods in Health and Sport
PAR5010-B  Neuromusculoskeletal- Spinal
PAR5009-D  People Populations and Contemporary Physiotherapy Practice (MPhysiotherapy)
PAR5008-B  Neurological Practice
PAR5006-B  Sport Trauma Management
PAR5005-X  Personal and Professional Development
PAR4005-C  Soft Tissue and Exercise Principles
MAR5007-B  Integrated Marketing Communications
MAR5008-B  Marketing Management and Strategy
MHT7001-A  Tissue Engineering and Wound Repair
MHT6017-A  Rehabilitation Engineering
MHT6014-B  Renal Technology
MHT6005-A  Medical Ethics and Regulations
MHT6001-A  Medical Instrumentation and Imaging
MHT5012-B  Electronics for Bio-Sensing
MHT5005-B  Healthcare Technology Project
MHT5004-B  Equipment and Maintenance Management
MAR7005-A  Marketing Communications (Distance Learning)
MAR7001-A  Marketing (Distance Learning)
MAR6011-B  Interactive Services Marketing
MAR6013-B  Product and Corporate Brand Management
MAR6005-A  Services Marketing
MAR6004-A  Retail Marketing
MAR6001-A  International Marketing
MAR5010-B  Understanding Consumers
SOW6007-B  Service Users' and Carers' Perspectives in Social Work and Social Care
MAR5003-A  Marketing Research
NUR6011-C  Transition to Registered Nursing Practice
NUR6009-C  Developing Proficiency in Professional Nursing Practice
NUR5013-B  Improving Public Health
NUR5012-B  Long Term Conditions
NUR5011-B  Practice Placement 4
NUR5010-B  Practice Placement 5
NUR5009-B  Practice Placement 6
NUR5008-B  Nursing Associate Placement 6
NUR5007-B  Research Development and Innovation
NUR5006-B  Nursing Associate Placement 5
NUR5005-B  Leadership for Care Delivery
NUR5004-B  Nursing Associate Placement 4
NUR5003-B  Therapeutic Care Delivery
NUR4008-B  Nursing Associate Placement 3
NUR4007-B  Person Centred Approaches to Care
OIM6006-A  Sustainable Operations Management
OIM6004-A  Electronic Commerce
OIM6003-A  Strategic Information Systems
OIM6002-A  Decision Support B
OIM6001-A  Decision Support A
FAM5016-B  Drama Production
FAM5014-B  Factual Production
HWS5010-B  Mental Health and Wellbeing
LAW5007-C  Law In The Community 1
LAW5006-C  Law in a Global Context
HRM3001-B  Introduction to Understanding Organisations
LAW5005-B  Human Rights
HRM6006-B  You in the Workplace
HRM6009-B  Reward, Development and Talent Management
HRM5014-B  Organisational Design and Analysis
HRM5009-B  Managerial Leadership (In Company)
GAV6007-B  Major Project Pre-Production
GAV6003-D  Individual Project
HRM6002-B  Human Resource Management
HRM5008-B  Human Resource Management
HRM5004-B  Employability and Enterprise Skills
GAV6002-B  Effects Animation and Dynamics for VFX
HRM6012-D  Project/Dissertation
HRM6014-B  Leading and Managing People
GAV5001-B  Script Programming and Technical Animation
HRM7009-A  Managing People (Distance Learning)
GAV5002-B  Game Design, Programming and Development
GAV5016-B  Look Development, Lighting and Advanced Rendering
GAV5014-B  Environment, Set and Prop Creation (UG)
GAV5017-B  Motion Capture and Digital Scanning
FAM6012-B  World Cinema
ARC7047-B  Professional Development: Forensic Enquiry and Critical Case Study
LIS7008-B  Professional Development
LIS6005-B  Principles of Analytical Science
GAV6008-D  Major Project Production
FAM6004-B  Experimental Filmmaking
HWS5013-B  Equality and Diversity
FAM6001-B  Dissertation - Preparation
FAM6006-D  Dissertation - 8000 word Write-up
FAM6013-B  Practices of Representation
EAE6001-A  Marketing and Entrepreneurship
BIS6001-D  Research Project
ENS6005-B  Ecological Management and Nature Conservation
ECO5014-B  Managerial Economics
AFE6011-B  Taxation (IILM)
AFE6009-A  International Accounting
AFE6008-A  International Finance
MID6007-E  Questioning Midwifery Knowledge
MID7012-E  Questioning Midwifery Knowledge (Level 7)
MID6005-C  Midwifery Care and Practice 6 (Caseloading)
MID6004-C  Midwifery Care and Practice 5a & 5b
MID5004-C  Midwifery Care and Practice 4
MID5003-C  Midwifery Care and Practice 3
GAV5005-B  Facial Modelling/Animation
MID5005-E  Developing Midwifery Knowledge
MID7011-E  Developing Midwifery Knowledge (Level 7)
PAS5003-C  Paramedic Professional Practice 4
PAS5002-C  Paramedic Professional Practice 3
PAS5001-E  Developing Paramedic Science
PES5013-B  Understanding Violence
PES5008-B  Global Governance (Level 5)
PES5011-B  War, Democracy and Consensus: Britain, 1914 to the present
PES6005-B  US Power and International Security
PES5012-B  The International Politics of the Cold War 1945-1991 (Level 5)
PES6009-B  Security: Threats and Security Analysis
PES5017-B  Responding to Conflict: Approaches, Ethics and Experience
PES5004-B  Regional Politics
PES6008-B  Peace, Ecology and Resilience
PES5010-B  Security: Theories and Concepts
PES6004-B  Peace, Conflict and Development (Level 6)
PES5007-B  Peace and Change
PES7007-B  Introduction to African Politics
PES6002-B  Human Rights (Level 6)
PES6012-D  Dissertation
PES5014-B  Diplomacy and Statecraft
PES5006-B  Development Ideas in Practice (Level 5)
PES6003-B  Democracy and Authoritarianism
HWS6002-C  Understanding People in Organisations
PHA6008-C  Transport 2 - Cardiovascular, Urinary and Respiratory Systems
PHA5005-C  Transport 1 - Cardiovascular, Urinary and Respiratory Systems
PHA6011-Z  Synoptic assessment for Year 3
PHA5008-Z  Synoptic assessment for Year 2
PHA7014-B  Student Selected Component - Pharmacy Special Studies
PHA6009-D  Senses, Thoughts and Movement 2
PHA5006-D  Senses, Thoughts and Movement 1
PHA6013-Z  Research Project in Pharmacy (Erasmus)
PHA6003-Z  Professional Training 2 - Non Credit Bearing
PHA6003-Z  Professional Training 1 - Non Credit Bearing
PHA7012-U  Patient-centred Care
PHA6007-C  Nutrition, Metabolism and Reproduction 2
PHA5004-C  Nutrition, Metabolism and Reproduction 1
PHA4004-B  Foundation Studies for Pharmacy 4 (Prescription Processing)
PHA4002-C  Foundation Studies for Pharmacy 2 (Life Cycle of a Medicine)
PHA4001-C  Foundation Studies for Pharmacy 1 (Molecules to Systems)
PHA5010-B  Endocrinology and Neurobiology
PHA7056-B  Developing Professional Practice 4
PHA7059-E  Patient Centred Care
PHA7058-B  Patient Safety and Decision Making
PHA7055-C  Patients and their Medicines
PHA7057-B  Pharmacy Special Studies
PHA7043-C  Quality and Service Improvement Project
PRP6012-B  Practice Placement 3
PRP6005-B  Professional Practice 3
PRP6010-B  Professional Practice 4
PRP6011-B  Professional Practice 5
HWS6003-C  Project Management
PRP6006-C  Work Based Learning 3 (Enterprise, Employability & Entrepreneurship)
GAV5010-B  Game Appreciation and Industry Analysis
PRP5008-B  Practice Placement 2
PRP5006-X  Professional Practice 1
PRP5007-X  Professional Practice 2
PRP6013-B  Professional Practice Placement 4
PRP6019-B  Role Emerging Placement in Sport
PSY5007-B  Issues in Counselling
OCT5007-E  Enabling Occupation
PSY5013-B  Developmental Psychology
SIB6007-B  Current Issues in International Business
SIB6009-B  Cross-Cultural Management
SAC5007-B  Critical Psychology and Mental Health: Methods and Applications
LIS7016-B  Critical Appraisal of the Literature Relating to PhD Study
LAW5003-B  Criminal Law
LAW6009-B  Crime and Society
SAC5002-B  Crime and Media
SAC5008-B  Crime and Law
PSY6007-B  Counselling in Practice
AFE6007-A  Corporate Reporting
MAR6006-A  Corporate Marketing
MAE5010-B  Control Engineering
PAR6001-B  Continuing Personal and Professional Development
SAC5005-B  Contemporary Sociological Theory
PRP6016-D  Contemporary Placement
HWS6001-C  Contemporary Issues in Health, Wellbeing and Social Care
AFE6003-A  Contemporary Issues in Accounting
HRM6011-B  Contemporary Developments in Employee Relations
SAC6003-B  Contemporary Criminal Justice
MAR6008-B  Consumer Insight
MAR5001-A  Consumer Behaviour
MAR5009-B  Consumer Behaviour (in-company)
PES5009-B  Conflict Research Skills
GAV5006-B  Concept and Idea Development
OCT6001-B  Competent Practitioner
SOW6004-D  Practice Learning II
FAM5010-B  Storytelling for Multiple Platforms
SOW6003-D  Research Methods for Social Workers
FAM5007-B  Factual Film and Television
FAM5001-B  Soundscapes
FAM4005-B  Editing
ENM5006-B  Engineering Statics and Dynamics
ENM5002-A  Engineering Statistics
ENM4001-B  Technology Mathematics
ENG7011-D  Team Project
ENG6001-C  Project
ENG5002-Z  Placement module
ENB6009-B  Reliability and Safety Engineering
ENB6005-A  Six Sigma for Business Excellence
ENB5003-B  Financial and Project Management
ELE4011-B  Digital and Analogue Electronics
ECO6031-B  International Financial Architecture
ECO6030-B  Financial Economics and International Finance
ECO6027-B  Financial Economics and Business Finance
ECO5001-Z  Study Abroad Experience
EAE6003-B  Enterprise and Innovation in Practice
EAE5001-B  Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation
DEM7010-E  Service Evaluation in Dementia Care
DEM7009-C  People with Dementia and their Families: communication and inclusion
DEM7005-C  Practice Development and Organisational Change in Dementia Care
DEM7002-C  Pharmacological and Psychosocial Support for People with Dementia
CSE6010-B  Sustainability in the Built Environment
CSE6009-B  Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Design
CSE6008-A  Open Channel Hydraulics
CSE6005-A  Steel and Composite
CSE6004-A  Transportation Studies
CSE6003-B  Feasibility Study
CSE5011-B  Structural Mechanics and Analysis
CSE5009-B  Soil Mechanics
CSE5008-B  Steel and Concrete Design
CPE6006-B  Petroleum Engineering
CPE6005-B  Process Design
CPE6002-C  Design Project (Chemical Engineering)
CPE5006-A  Fluid and Particle Mechanics
SOW6002-B  Organisations and Professional Development
LEM7002-C  Comparative Health Organisation
LAW6016-B  Company Law
HWS5006-B  Community Public Health
NUR7058-C  Communication and Clinical Skills for Physician Associates
CPE5005-B  Reaction Engineering
CPE5004-B  Mass Transfer Operations
CPE5003-B  Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics
COS7005-B  Statistical Data Analysis
COS6021-B  Numerical Methods and Computer Graphics
COS6020-B  Software Verification
COS6012-B  Concurrent and Distributed Systems
COS6010-B  Information Engineering
COS6009-B  Large Scale Data Driven Applications
COS6008-B  Cyber Security
COS6007-B  Foundations of Cryptography
COS6006-D  Final Year Project
COS6004-B  Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
COS5027-B  Information Engineering and Testing
COS5026-B  Statistics and Data Analysis
COS5025-B  Computer Communications and Networks
COS5024-B  Electronic Business
COS5022-B  Computational Modelling and Artificial Intelligence
COS5021-B  Data Structures and Algorithms
LEM7008-A  Commissioning and Negotiation
LAW6015-B  Commercial Law
PSY5008-B  Cognitive Psychology
RAD6002-B  Clinical Supervision and Leadership
PRP6009-B  Clinical Practice 6
PRP6008-B  Clinical Practice 5
GAV5021-B  Classical Animation
CSE5010-A  Civil Design Project
SOW5006-B  Children and Interagency Work
SOW6005-B  Childcare Law
SOW5001-B  Child and Family Social Work
CPE5007-A  Chemical Thermodynamics
MHT5007-B  Cell and Tissue Biology
MID6008-C  Case Loading and Leadership
PAR5012-B  Cardiovascular Respiratory Practice
PHA7013-B  Capability in Pharmacy 4
PHA6010-B  Capability in Pharmacy 3
PHA5007-B  Capability in Pharmacy 2
PHA4005-B  Capability in Pharmacy 1
LAW5009-B  Business Law and Ethics (In Company)
OIM5012-B  Business Information Systems (in-company)
SIB7012-A  Business Ethics and Sustainability (Distance Learning)
HRM6010-B  Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
ECO6026-B  Business Economics and Industrial Organisation
FAM5006-B  British Film and Television Fictions
PES6006-B  Britain, Germany and Central Europe
MAR6003-A  Brand Management
MHT5006-B  Biomechanics and Human Biodynamics
MHT6013-B  Biomaterials with implant design and technology
MID7010-E  Beginning Midwifery Knowledge (Level 7)
LAW6019-B  Banking and Finance Law
MAE6014-B  Automotive Powertrain Engineering
MAE5009-B  Automotive Engineering
PHA7042-C  Aseptics in Practice
DEM7012-C  Arts and Activities in Dementia Care
HWS5007-B  Appraising Evidence-Based Literature for Health, Wellbeing and Social Care
PHA7048-C  Applied Therapeutics
SIB6004-A  Applied Strategic Management
PSI7001-C  Applied Methodologies
MHT4003-B  Anatomy and Physiology
CFS6006-B  Analysis of Controlled Substances
FAM6007-B  Alternative Film and Media
COS6017-B  AI for Games
PSY6008-B  Advances in Child Development in Education Contexts
CPE7010-D  Advanced MEng Research Project
PSY6003-B  Advanced Issues in Neuropsychology
GAV5025-B  Advanced Game Technology and Development
MAE6013-B  Advanced Fluid Mechanics with Aerodynamics
CSE7011-D  Advanced Final Year Project
MAE6009-B  Advanced Engineering Design
GAV5020-B  Advanced Drawing for Production
GAV5007-B  Advanced Character Animation (level 5)
MAL8009-C  Advanced studies in Management and Business Studies (2): Translating Research into Practice
MAL8008-C  Advanced Studies in Management and Business Studies (1): the practitioner as author
NUR5014-B  Acute Care
PSY6002-B  Abnormal Psychology, Health and Intervention
GAV5012-B  3D Character Creation
COS5020-B  Database Systems
LAU4003-B  Spanish Beginners
LAU5002-B  Principles of Critical Academic Writing
LAU4002-B  French Beginners
LAU5001-B  French (Lower Intermediate)
LAU4004-B  Elements of Critical Academic Writing
LAU4001-B  Arabic Beginners
PAS4001-E  Introducing Paramedic Science
EAE7001-A  Entrepreneurship
PRP7006-A  Support for Learning in Practice - Blended Learning
MAR7015-A  Marketing Communications (Executive)
PAS4002-C  Paramedic Professional Practice 1
HRM7002-A  Management of Change (MBA Full-Time)
PAS4003-C  Paramedic Professional Practice 2
OIM7006-A  Digital Business
SAC4016-B  The History of Sociological Ideas: From Modernity to Postmodernity
BIS6024-C  Work-based Learning and Professional Practice 3 for Healthcare Scientists
OIM7018-B  Circular Economy Core Principle and Concepts (DL)
ARC5006-B  Biometrics and Human Identification
COS7039-B  Internet of Things (IoT)
LAW4003-C  Law, Social Justice and Sustainability
LAW4002-C  Contract Law
FAM7019-B  Vision Engineering
FAM7022-B  Health Safety and Power Management
MAR4006-B  Marketing (In Company)
FAM7021-B  Location Management
FAM7020-B  RF Systems Networking & Media Management
HRM4008-B  Human Resource Management (In Company)
OIM4009-B  Operations and Information Systems Management (In Company)
OIM4010-B  Principles of Management (In Company)
HRM4007-B  Personal and Professional Development (In Company)
FAM7026-E  Outside Broadcast Dissertation
AFE4002-B  Introduction to Accounting and Finance (In Company)
FAM7023-B  Professional and Team Working
FAM7018-B  Sound Engineering
MHT7011-B  Genomic Coding & Genetic Engineering
MHT7008-B  Clinical Biomechanics
MHT7014-B  Clinical Diagnostics
MHT7013-B  Regenerative Medicine
MAL7039-R  Management Project Readiness Assurance Test
MAL7037-E  MBA Management Project
BIS7017-B  Principles of Bioinformatics
BIS7019-B  'Omics' Techniques in Biology and Healthcare
BIS7018-B  Advanced Bioinformatics
OIM7012-A  Management Consulting
AFE7010-A  Mergers and Acquisitions
OIM7019-A  Materials, Resources, Energy and Competitiveness
HRM7021-A  Management of Change (Executive)
HRM7012-A  Management of Change (Distance Learning)
HRM7029-B  Leadership for Transformational Change (Exec)
HRM7028-B  Leadership for Transformational Change (DL)
AFE7034-A  International Financial Management (Executive)
AFE7027-A  International Financial Management (DL)
SIB7016-A  International Business Strategy (Executive)
SIB7002-A  International Business Strategy (Distance Learning)
SIB7013-A  International Business in Emerging Economies (Distance Learning)
OIM7007-A  Global Supply Chain Management
EAE7010-A  Entrepreneurship & Creativity (Executive)
EAE7004-A  Entrepreneurship & Creativity (Distance Learning)
EAE7005-A  Enterprise and Innovation (Distance Learning)
OIM7021-A  Diversity, Scale and Development
MAR7019-B  Digital Marketing, Branding and Strategy (Exec)
MAR7018-B  Digital Marketing, Branding and Strategy (DL)
LEM7030-B  Digital Health and Informatics
MAR7003-A  Corporate Marketing (Exec)
MAR7013-A  Corporate Marketing (Distance Learning)
AFE7038-A  Corporate Finance and Crowdfunding (Executive)
AFE7039-A  Corporate Finance and Crowdfunding (Distance Learning)
OIM7031-B  Competitiveness through Technology and Innovation (Exec)
OIM7030  Competitiveness through Technology and Innovation (DL)
OIM7020-A  Business Models for a Circular Economy (Distance Learning)
AFE7037-B  Accounting and Economics for Decision Making (Exec)
AFE7036-B  Accounting and Economics for Decision Making (DL)
LAW7042-B  Waste Management Law
LAW7044-B  Public International Law
LAW7037-B  International Banking & Finance Law
LAW7045-B  International Trade and Investment Law
LAW7038-B  Law and Gender
LAW7046-B  International Criminal Law
LAW7043-B  International Human Rights Law
LAW7040-B  Climate Change Law and Policy
LAW7039-B  Cyberlaw
LAW7041-B  Business, Human Rights and Environment
LAW7035-B  Regulatory Theory and Practice
COS7025-B  Mobile Application Development
LAW7030-B  Sustainable Development Law in Contemporary Business & Society
LAW7021-B  International Environmental Law
LAW7034-B  International Water Resources Law
LAW7033-B  International Petroleum Law
LAW7023-B  Immigration and Refugee Law
LAW7036-B  Commercial Dispute Resolution
LAW7019-B  International Humanitarian Law
BIS7010-B  Critical Appraisal of a Current Topic in Regenerative Medicine
LAW7031-B  International Commercial Contracts and E-Commerce
LAW7032-E  LLM Dissertation
LAW7008-B  International Intellectual Property Law
LAW7029-R  Foundations of Law and Skills
LAW7007-B  International Competition Law
OIM7036-B  Supply Chain Analytics & Technology Management
OIM7035-B  Procurement Fundamentals and Quality Systems
OIM7033-B  Business and Research in Practice
OIM7032-B  Business Data Analytics
OIM7034-B  Emerging Issues in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
OPT5011-B  Contact Lens Practice
OPT4004-B  Physiology of Vision and Perception
OPT4003-B  Pure and Visual Optics
OPT4002-B  Refraction and Refractive Error
OPT5008-B  The Assessment and Management of Binocular Vision
BIS7013-B  Skin Biology, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
OPT6022-D  Clinical Practice and Professional Studies (Accelerated Route)
OPT6008-B  Clinical Decision Making
OPT4015-E  Optometric Skills - Dispensing Optician (Accelerated Route)
OPT4012-D  Ocular Health Assessment 1
OPT4007-B  Evidence Based Practice & Professionalism
OPT5002-B  Ophthalmic Lenses and Dispensing
OPT5006-B  General and Ocular Pharmacology
BIS7015-B  Critical Appraisal of a Current Topic in the Biomedical Sciences
OPT5004-B  Clinical Optometry and Communication Skills
BIS7012-B  Personal and Professional Development for Postgraduate Bioscientists
OPT5014-B  Ocular Health Assessment 2
OPT4014-V  Optometric Skills - Contact Lens Optician (Accelerated Route)
PHA7007-B  Science of Solid Dosage Forms & Advanced Pharmaceutical Technologies
PHA7011-E  Research Project
BIS7005-E  Research Project
BIS7006-B  Research and Analytical Methods
PHA7050-B  Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD)
ELE4012-B  Practical Electronics
BIS7009-C  Personal and Professional Development in Biomedical Science
ARC7001-A  Maths and Quantitative Methods
ENM4005-B  Mathematics for Clinical Technologists
BIS7011-B  Innovation in Life Science Industry: From Concept to Market Place
PHA6005-B  Fundamentals of Drug Delivery
BIS7007-B  Experimental Design
PHA7005-B  Critical Appraisal of a Current Topic in Pharmaceutical Sciences
MHT4004-B  Clinical Instrumentation and Imaging
BIS7008-B  Applied and Diagnostic Pathology
NUR7013-C  Working with Communities to Improve Health
REH7001-C  Woman, Health and Wellbeing
NUR7056-B  Working with Communities to Improve Health
NUR7004-C  Transitional Care
PRP5003-B  Work Based Learning 2 (Working in Organisations)
NUR7061-C  Wound Assessment and Management
MID6003-C  Theory in Contraception & Sexual Health (level 6)
PRP6020-A  Support for Learning in Practice - Blended Learning (Level 6 - 10 credits)
INC7005-B  Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology
NUR7032-C  Symptom Management in Life Limiting Illness
NUR6019-C  Supporting Those Facing Loss: An Interdisciplinary Approach
PRP7007-A  Support for Learning in Practice Face-to-face
CLS4008-B  Special Studies (Foundation)
NUR7031-C  Supporting Those Facing Loss: An Interdisciplinary Approach
PRP6021-A  Support for Learning in Practice (Face–to-face)
NUR6004-C  Transitional Care
NUR6020-C  Symptom Management in Life Limiting Illness
PAR7008-C  Theory of Physiotherapy in Women's Health
CFS7030-B  Spectroscopy
PRP6007-C  Return to Practice for Healthcare Professionals
CFS7027-B  Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry
NUR7030-C  Safeguarding People
NUR6031-C  Safeguarding People
PAR4007-D  Soft Tissue and Exercise Principles (MPhysiotherapy)
CFS7023-E  Research Project – Advanced Investigations
CFS7022-B  Research Project – Preparatory Investigations
CFS7026-B  Solid Analysis
CFS7025-B  Research Skills, Professional Development and Commercial Awareness
RAD4008-C  Safe and Professional Radiographic Practice
OCT4007-B  Professional Placement One
OCT4006-D  Professional Knowledge and Foundations of Practice
PHA7051-B  Quality Assurance and Medicine Safety
PRE7004-C  Prescribing for Healthcare Professionals (Level 7)
PUH7002-C  Public Health
NUR7062-C  Prevention and Management of Chronic wounds
RAD4003-C  Radiography of the Axial Skeleton
PRE6004-C  Prescribing for Healthcare Professionals (Level 6)
RAD4006-C  Radiography of the Appendicular Skeleton
INC7014-B  Principles of Drug Discovery
ARC4016-B  Principles of Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation
NUR4011-B  Practice Placement 1
PAR7001-C  Physiotherapy Management of Spinal Dysfunction
CLS3002-B  Personal and Professional Development (Foundation)
ARC4023-D  Practical Chemistry for Forensic Scientists 1
NUR7055-B  Preparing for a Systematic Review
NUR4015-B  Practice Placement 3
NUR7044-C  Practice Nursing
OCT4005-D  Performance of Occupational Beings
PAR7007-C  Practice of Physiotherapy in Women's Health
PAR7003-C  Physiotherapy Management of Peripheral Joint Dysfunction - Lower Limb
INC7001-B  Preclinical Models for Drug Evaluation
INC7018-B  Practical Skills in Pharmacology Research
PAR7002-C  Physiotherapy Management of Peripheral Joint Dysfunction - Upper Limb
INC7002-B  Molecular Basis of Cancer and Cancer Therapy
NUR7054-B  Long Term Conditions
CFS7024-B  Materials in Electronics
NUR7029-C  Palliative Care for Children/Young People with a Life Limiting Illness
INC7009-B  Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity
PAR4009-E  Neuromusculoskeletal- Peripheral
HWS5004-B  Media Perspectives on Health and Social Care
PRP4012-C  Midwifery Care and Practice 1
PAR4006-D  People Populations and Contemporary Physiotherapy Practice
HES5006-C  Literature Skills for Health Professionals
PHA7049-B  Management of Global Pharmaceutical Supply
PRP4013-C  Midwifery Care and Practice 2
CFS7018-B  Materials Characterisation
NUR6006-C  Palliative Care for Children/Young People with a Life Limiting Illness
HES5005-C  Independent Study
NUR7050-B  Health Needs Assessment
CFS6015-B  Introduction to Polymer and Colloid Science
HES6001-A  Independent Study
HES6002-B  Independent Study
NUR7052-B  Health Promotion in Practice
CFS7028-B  Imaging
ARC4014-B  Independent Study for Forensic Scientists
NUR7051-B  Health Promoting Palliative Care
CLS4006-B  Laboratory and Study Skills for Clinical Sciences/Medicine
CFS7016-B  Inorganic Materials Chemistry
NUR7053-B  Introduction to Public Health
NUR7041-C  Evidence Based Diabetes Care
HWS5002-B  Health Education and Promotion
CFS7014-B  Fundamentals of Nano and Supramolecular Materials
HWS5001-B  Food and Health
NUR4012-B  Foundations of Nursing Practice
NUR7018-C  Evidence Based Diabetes Care (International)
CLS3001-B  Health and Society
NUR7048-B  Epidemiology and Biostatistics
NUR7026-C  Good practice in the Physical Health Care of People with a Mental Health Condition/ Learning Disability
BIS7016-B  Experimental Design
NUR7049-B  Health and Society
NUR7042-C  Haematology and BMT - Understanding Treatment, Management and Care
ENM3001-B  Foundation Mathematics 1
NUR6007-C  Good Practice in the Physical Health Care of People with a Mental Health Condition/Learning Disability
HWS5003-B  Evidence Based Decision Making
PAR7005-C  Continence theory for physiotherapists
DIM7003-C  Cross-cultural Communication in Contemporary Global Context
PRE6002-B  Community Nurse Prescribing (Level 6)
HWS5005-B  Complementary and Alternative Medicine
INC7017-B  Critical Appraisal of a Current Topic in Oncology and Toxicology
NUR7040-C  Diabetes in Clinical Practice
NUR4013-B  Concepts of Health and Wellbeing
CFS7009-B  Computational Crystal Engineering
PAR7006-C  Continence practice for physiotherapists
OCT4004-B  Developing Occupational Therapy Practice
PAR4008-B  Developing and Promoting Health and Wellbeing
NUR7038-C  Communicable Disease: Emergence, Detection and Response
NUR7047-B  Communicable Disease Control: Emergence, Detection and Response
HES5002-C  Developing Lifelong Professional Learning
FAM3001-B  Creative Industries
NUR7039-C  Debridement of Wounds
BIS4003-B  Developing Professional Skills 1
NUR6022-C  Applied Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Acute and Long Term Conditions
INC7003-B  Cancer Pharmacology
PRP7003-C  Clinical Examination and Case Management (Skin Cancer) (Level 7)
NUR7027-C  CBT 1 Foundations and Principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
NUR7034-C  Applied Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Acute and Long Term Conditions
NUR7023-C  Clinical Competence in Advanced Practice
NUR6023-C  Cancer - Understanding Treatment, Management and Care
NUR7035-C  Cancer - Understanding Treatment, Management and Care
CLS3003-B  Chemistry for Clinical Sciences
PRP6015-C  Clinical Examination and Case Management (Skin Cancer) (Level 6)
INC7016-B  Chemical Toolbox for Drug Discovery
REH5001-C  Cervical Screening (Level 5)
RAD4007-C  Chest and Abdominal Imaging
NUR7036-C  CBT 2: Developing and Integrating Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
INC7019-E  Cancer Therapeutics Research Project
NUR6021-C  Applied Knowledge and Skills for Management of the Critically Ill Patient
INC7011-B  Case Studies in Drug Discovery
CLS4007-B  Biology for Clinical Sciences
REH6001-C  Cervical Screening (Level 6)
NUR7015-C  Applied Pathophysiology and Pharmacology in Acute and Long Term Conditions
NUR7003-C  Ambulatory Care
NUR6005-C  Adult Cardiology: Examination, Assessment and Intervention
NUR6015-C  Advanced Communication Skills
NUR7046-B  Advanced Epidemiology
PRP6014-C  Advanced Physical Assessment and Clinical Decision Making Skills (Level 6)
NUR6016-C  Advances in Leg Ulcer Management
NUR6017-C  Advances in Wound Management
NUR7033-C  Advanced Knowledge and Skills for Management of the Critically Ill Patient
ENB3002-B  Academic Reading and Writing
NUR6003-C  Ambulatory Care
NUR7019-C  Adult Cardiology: Examination, Assessment and Intervention
DEM7014-C  Advanced Evidence Appraisal and Synthesis
NUR6001-C  Advances in Limiting Pressure Damage
CFS7029-B  Advanced Methods in Analytical Science
PRP7005-C  Advanced Physical Assessment and Clinical Decision Making Skills (Level 7)
LEM7029-B  Strategy, Policy and Organisations
HWS4008-B  Social Influences on Health and Wellbeing
HWS4009-B  Social Policy, Society and Welfare
RES7010-E  Pursuing a Work based Dissertation
NUR6030-C  Supporting Recovery in Mental Health Settings
RES7008-E  Pursuing primary research
RES6002-C  Research Appreciation and Dissemination
HES7002-X  Independent Study
RES7011-B  Preparing for primary research
LEM7028-B  Leadership and Management: Theory and Practice
MID7003-E  Outpatient Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Therapeutic Practices
HES6003-C  Independent Study
RAD7008-C  Magnetic Resonance Imaging
RAD7012-C  Medical Image Reporting Chest and Abdomen
HES7001-A  Independent Study
DIM7010-C  Diversity and Organisational Performance
HWS4004-B  Psychological Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing
RES7007-E  Pursuing a Systematic review
NUR4010-B  Practice Placement 2
LEM7006-E  Management Project
LEM7011-C  Leadership for Advanced Practitioners
RES7006-C  Preparing for a Systematic review
HES7003-B  Independent Study
HWS4010-B  Personal and Professional Development
DIM7008-C  Dynamics of Diversity and Power
NUR6027-C  Evidence Based Diabetes Care
RAD7013-C  Medical Image Reporting MSK
HES7004-C  Independent Study
NUR4009-B  Principles of Nursing
DIM7004-C  Elective Studies in Diversity Practice
RAD7001-C  Principles of Reporting
RES7009-C  Preparing for primary research
NUR6028-C  Haematology & BMT - Understanding Treatment, Management and Care
RAD7002-C  Developing Practice
NUR6025-C  Competency Based Learning in Clinical Practice
RAD7007-C  Computed Tomography
REH7004-C  Cervical Screening (Level 7)
HWS4006-B  Applied Physiology
DIM7012-C  Cross-cultural Communication
NUR6026-C  Diabetes in Clinical Practice
RAD7003-C  Current Topics in Medical Imaging
DEM7013-C  Critical Perspectives on Dementia: a rights based approach
RAD7011-C  Clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging
HWS4007-B  Communication Skills
DIM7007-C  Critical Perspectives on Research Commissioning
MID7013-C  Clinical Examination and Case Management
MID4005-E  Beginning Midwifery Knowledge
MID7009-C  Clinical Examination and Care Management
RAD7010-C  Clinical Computed Tomography
BAM7001-B  Applied Business Research
HRM7014-A  Managerial and Professional Development (Distance Learning)
AFE7019-A  Portfolio Management
HRM7025-C  Professional Career Management
OIM4008-B  Sustainability and Social Responsibility
BAM7002-B  Team Based Company Projects
MAR7008-A  Marketing Communications
OIM7013-A  Sustainable Operations
AFE7013-A  Strategic Financial Management
HRM7026-C  Professional Practice on Placement
MAR7007-A  Marketing, Planning and Strategy
MAR7010-A  Strategic Marketing (Simulation)
OIM4002-B  Operations and Information Systems Management
HRM7003-A  Management of Change (MSc)
OIM7023-A  Operations Management
OIM4006-B  Principles of Management
MAR7012-A  Marketing Research: Theory and Practice
MAL7003-A  Research Methods
HRM4009-B  People, Work and Organisations/Work in Context
AFE7020-A  Quantitative Methods in Finance
SIB4001-B  Principles and Practices of International Business
LAW4001-D  Legal Relationships Sources and Institutions
HRM7017-B  Leading Managing and Developing People
SIB7010-A  Strategic Management
MAL7012-E  MSc Dissertation
AFE7012-A  Strategic Accounting
MAR7006-A  International Marketing
OIM7016-A  Decision Support for Sustainability
EAE7012-B  Future Technology and Innovation Management
AFE7016-A  Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management
SIB7007-A  European Business Management (MSc)
MAR4002-B  Foundations of Marketing
EAE7009-E  Enterprise in Practice Project
AFE7035-A  International Banking
HRM7007-A  Human Resource Management
AFE7024-A  International Finance
MAL7001-E  Dissertation
AFE7022-A  Financial Markets and Institutions
MAL7006-E  Dissertation (MSc Finance)
HRM7015-A  Developing Skills for Business Leadership
SIB7008-A  International Business Environment
MAR7009-A  International Services Marketing
SIB7011-A  International Business in Emerging Economies
AFE7030-A  Financial Services and Regulation
AFE7015-A  Foundations of Finance
AFE7018-A  Fixed Income Securities and Credit Risk
SIB7009-A  International Business Strategy
HRM7016-B  HRM in Context
HRM7006-A  Human Resource Development
EAE7002-A  Entrepreneurship and Innovation
OIM7015-A  Environmental Management and Quality Systems
AFE7023-A  Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
MAL7004-A  International Master's Summer School
HRM7005-A  Employee Relations
EAE7008-B  Entrepreneurial Mindset
HRM7011-A  Coaching and Leadership Development
SIB7014-A  Corporate and Social Responsibility
AFE7017-A  Asset Pricing
AFE7011-A  Business Economics
AFE7025-A  Corporate Financial Management
GAV4006-B  Creative Industries - Foundations
LAW4004-B  Business Law and Ethics
AFE7021-A  Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance
MAR7011-A  Consumer Behaviour
LAW4006-B  Business Law and Ethics for Accountants
AFE7014-A  Accounting and Finance
SIB7006-A  Cross-Cultural Management
AFE4004-B  Introduction to Finance
AFE4013-B  Quantitative Methods for Economists
AFE4011-B  Introduction to Macroeconomics
AFE4010-B  Introduction to Microeconomics
AFE4005-B  Introduction to Accounting
CSE7012-B  Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Methods
AFE4001-B  Business Economics
AFE4015-B  Finance and Accounting for Managers
AFE4012-B  Development of Economic Ideas
AFE7001-A  Financial Risk Management in European Banking
LAU3004-B  Practical Research skills
SAC3014-B  Introduction to Social Science
PSY6005-B  The Psychology of Health and Eating
PSY6011-B  Psychological Life Skills and Employability
SIB3001-B  Global Business Environment
LAU3002-B  English for Specific Academic Purposes
PSY6001-B  Forensic Psychology
HES3001-B  Human Biology
COS3003-B  Introduction to Computing
CHE3001-B  Foundation in Chemistry
HRM3002-B  Carrying Out Research
SAC3013-B  Foundation Year Project
LAU3003-B  Academic Literacies
LAU3001-B  English for Academic Purposes
SOW7007-B  Social Work with Adults
MAE7031-B  Automotive Tribology and Noise Vibration and Harshness
MAE7030-B  Vehicle Powertrain and Dynamics
ENM7005-B  Modelling and Optimisation
MAE7013-B  Advanced Solid Mechanics
FAM7017-B  Visualization and Storyboarding
FAM7028-B  Short Form Commissioning
SOW4004-B  Values and Ethics
DEV7031-B  Project Implementation and Management
SOW4007-B  Transition and Development in Children and Young People
SOW4002-B  Social Work Values and Ethics
FAM7010-B  Post Production
ENG4008-B  Thermofluids 1
FAM7003-E  MA Project
SOW4005-B  Communication Skills - Children and Adults
ENM3001-B  Foundation Mathematics 1
MAE3001-B  Foundation Mechanics
GAV4001-B  Conventions of Animation
ENG4007-B  Engineering Materials
ENB3001-B  Information and Communications Technologies
ENM4004-B  Mathematical Methods and Applications
DEV7007-B  Economic Growth and Development
ENG4006-B  Design, Build and Test
MAE3003-B  Fundamentals of Materials
GAV4012-B  Drawing for Production
FAM7029-B  Independent Filmmaking
GAV4005-B  Introduction to Computer Programming for Games
DEV7034-B  Issues in Development Practice
DEV7035-B  Governance for Development
ENB4002-B  Computer Aided Engineering
FAM7027-B  Film Industry Practices
ELE4013-B  Electronics and Mechanics
SOW4003-B  Communication Skills - Children and Families
ENM5005-B  Further Engineering Mathematics and Statistics
MAE3002-B  Foundation Physics
GAV4002-B  History and Conventions of Computer Games
GAV4003-B  3D Character Modelling and Animation
SOW4006-B  Academic, Personal and Professional Development
FAM7002-B  Cinematic Language
DEV7024-B  Applied Econometrics
SAC3008-B  Western Philosophy and the History of Ideas
SAC3003-B  The Effective Learner
PSY4011-B  Thinking Psychologically at Bradford
CPE7007-B  Upstream Production and Refinery Operations
PSY4010-B  Understanding Social Development
SAC4013-B  Understanding Classical Sociology
SAC3002-B  The Sociological Imagination
CPE7011-B  Transport Phenomena
PSY7014-B  Topics and Theoretical Issues in Clinical Psychology
PHA7045-Z  Synoptic Assessment 1
CSE7013-B  Water and Waste Water Treatment
CSE7010-B  Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering
SAC4009-B  Studying Social Sciences: A Critical Approach
PSY7011-B  Social Psychology (Level 7)
ENB7008-B  Supply Chain Management and Production
SOW7008-B  Social Work with Children and Families
SOW7009-B  Social Work Theories and Methods
SAC4014-B  Sociology of Identity and the Self
LEM7005-C  Strategy, Policy and Organisations
SAC4005-B  State and Society
SAC7006-B  Researching The Social World
PSY7004-B  Research Methods in Psychology
PSY7007-B  Research Project in Psychology
LEM7017-C  Quality and Service Improvement
SOW7003-B  Risk: Evidence-based decision-making and communication
PSY7012-B  Psychobiology and Neuroscience
ENB7007-B  Risk Assessment and Management
FAM4016-B  Reading the Screen
LEM7016-C  Project Management (LEM7016-C)
DEV7033-B  Project Planning and Design
SOW7001-B  Research Methods for Social Workers
PSY7017-B  Putting Health into Context
SOW7013-B  Practice Placement Learning 1
SOW7014-B  Practice Placement Learning II
DEV7032-B  Project Appraisal
SAC3010-B  Principles of Marketing
CFS4026-D  Practical Chemistry 1
SAC3009-B  Politics and Me
CPE7012-B  Polymer and Materials Engineering
CFS4024-B  Physical Chemistry 1
PRE7003-C  Prescribing for Pharmacists
CFS4027-D  Practical Chemistry 1 for Computational Chemistry
PHA7044-D  Medicines Optimisation in Clinical Practice
SAC3012-B  Literature and Society
SAC7004-B  Minorities and Refugees: A century caught between persecution and self-reliance
SOW7004-E  Mental Health: MA Dissertation
PHA4008-C  Molecules to Systems
FAM4012-B  Moving Image Production
PSY7018-B  Neurocognitive Health
PHA4009-C  Lifecycle of a Medicine
LEM7004-C  Managing Change
PHA4010-C  Medicines and Health
CFS4023-B  Organic Chemistry 1
SAC3017-B  Mathematics and Statistics Skills for Higher Education
PSY7020-E  MSc Research Project in Psychology of Health and Wellbeing
LEM7024-C  Leadership and Management: Theory and Practice
GAV4013-B  Introduction to Virtual Reality
PSY4001-B  Introduction to Counselling
GAV4009-B  Introduction to Digital Visual Effects
SAC4007-B  Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice
GAV4007-B  Introduction to 3D Computer Animation
SAC4006-B  Introduction to Sociology
SAC4008-B  Introduction to Psychology
PSY4006-B  Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
SOW4001-B  Introduction to Social Work
DEV7008-B  International Economics
CFS4022-B  Inorganic Chemistry 1
SOW7002-B  Law, Policies and Procedures (and AMHP role)
FAM4013-B  Institutions and Audiences
LEM7023-C  Human Resource Management
SOW7012-A  Interviewing and Communication Skills
SOW7010-B  Interprofessional Working
SAC3015-B  Introduction to Law
ARC4017-B  Introduction to Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation
DEV7003-B  Issues in Development Theory
SAC3004-B  Introduction to Understanding Organisations
SOW7006-B  Law for Social Work
SAC7005-B  Gendered Transitions
PSY7013-B  Developmental Psychology
PHA7023-D  Foundations in Clinical Practice
SOW7011-A  Ethics, Professionalism and Reflective Practice
CPE7004-B  Food and Pharmaceutical Process Engineering
DEV7001-B  Finance for Development
PSY7015-B  Food and Behaviour
PHA7047-C  Foundations in Primary Care Practice
FAM4010-B  Film - Narrative and Genre
SAC7007-E  Dissertation in Sociology, Social Policy and Crime
PSY7008-B  Dissertation - Psychology
SAC3016-B  Foundations of Psychology
CPE7002-B  Desalination Technology
SAC4015-B  Contemporary Sociological Theory in Everyday Life
FAM4001-B  Creativity and Imagination
SOW7018-B  Critical Perspectives in Mental Health
SOW7019-B  Collaborative Practice in Mental Health
SAC4012-B  Criminological Theory
PSY4005-B  Critical and Philosophical Issues in Psychology
dev7026-B  Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development
PHA4007-C  Developing Professional Practice 1
SAC7002-B  Contemporary Sociology and Crime
PHA7041-B  Consultation Skills and Quality of Care
PSY7010-B  Cognitive Psychology
SAC7009-B  Conceptual and Legal Approaches to Mental Health
SAC3006-B  Criminology
CSE7008-B  Construction Management
SAC4010-B  British Society Since 1945: Rethinking History
PSY4009-B  Brain and Behaviour
PHA7053-C  Advanced Therapeutics
PSY4007-B  Applications of Professional Psychology
SAC4011-B  A Critical History of Crime and Punishment
NUR7020-C  Advanced Communication Skills
SOW7020-D  Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Practice
PSY7021-B  Advanced Psychological Research Methods
CSE7014-B  Advanced Structural Design
PSY7019-B  Advanced Professional Applications of Psychology
ENG7002-E  MSc Project
BIS4011-B  Work-based Learning and Professional Practice 1 for Healthcare Scientists
ARC4015-B  Themes in World Archaeology
COS4015-B  Technical and Professional Skills
COS7009-B  Software Development
COS4017-B  Software Design and Development
ARC7048-B  Site Evaluation Strategies and GIS
ARC4013-B  Scientific Frameworks
ARC7041-B  Professional Development
ARC7046-B  Plants and Animals in Past Societies
ARC7029-C  Palaeopathology
ARC7042-B  Osteology Research Paper
COS7024-B  Networks and Protocols
ARC7045-B  Nature of Matter and Instrumental Analysis
ARC7037-C  Musculoskeletal and Comparative Anatomy
COS4014-B  Mathematics for Computing
OPT6019-D  Management of Ocular Disease
LAW7028-B  Law for Expert Witnesses
COS7030-B  ISO27000 Framework (Information Security Management System)
BIS4013-B  Introductory Microbiology
BIS4007-B  Introductory Biochemistry
ARC7038-B  Introduction to Forensic Archaeology and Forensic Anthropology
ARC4018-B  Introduction to Archaeological Methods
COS4018-B  Internet Technologies
COS7023-B  Internet Security and Protocols
COS7007-B  Information Theory and Data Communication
ARC7040-C  Independent Research Papers for CSI
BIS4009-B  Human Physiology
BIS4010-B  Human Genetics and Developmental Biology
ARC7036-B  Grave Concerns: Investigating the Archaeology of Death and Burial
COS4016-B  Fundamentals of Programming
COS7031-B  Foundations of Cryptography PG
ARC7017-B  Forensic Taphonomy
ARC7012-B  Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation
ARC4022-B  Field Recording Skills
COS7029-B  Ethical Hacking
COS7004-E  Dissertation
ARC7034-E  DIssertation
GAV7021-B  Data Visualisation PG
COS7028-B  Data Mining
ARC7039-B  Crime Scene Investigation
COS4001-B  Computer Architecture and Systems Software
COS7044-B  Cloud Computing
OPT6017-D  Clinical Practice and Professional Studies
OPT6012-Z  Clinical Competence
OPT6014-B  Clinical Case Studies
BIS4008-B  Cell and Tissue Biology
COS7035-B  Business Systems Security
ARC4020-B  British Archaeology
ARC4021-B  Biological Anthropology: From Human Evolution to Forensic Anthropology
COS7006-B  Big Data Systems and Analytics
ARC7035-B  Archaeometry
ARC7044-B  Archaeological Prospection and Visualisation
ARC7008-B  Analysis of Human Remains
ARC7043-D  Advanced Skeletal Report
COS7033-B  Advanced Programming for Mobile Devices
COS7043-B  Advanced IoT (Data Science for IoT)
ARC7014-C  Advanced Fieldwork Programme for CSI
PES7042-B  International Environmental Governance
PES7043-B  Middle East Politics and Security Dynamics
PES7044-B  Movements for Social and Ecological Justice
PES7045-B  Natural Resource Governance
PES7046-B  Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding
PES7048-B  Security and Development in Fragile and Conflict - Affected Areas
PES7049-B  Skills for Constructive Conflict Engagement
PES7050-B  Social-Ecological Resilience: Discourses and Practices
PES7051-B  Studying Peace in a Changing World
PES7052-B  Sustainable Cities
PES7037-B  Contemporary Security Challenges
PES7053-B  Terrorism and Political Violence
PES7036-B  Applied Conflict Research
PES7054-B  The International System in Theory and Context
PES7055-B  Transnational Challenges: Problems and Responses
PES7035-B  African Politics and Security Dynamics
PES7056-Z  Professional Experience
PES7034-B  Africa Study Visit
DEV7036-B  Assessing Development Needs and Outcomes
PES7038-B  Creative Conflict Transformation
PES7039-B  Designing and Assessing Conflict Intervention Processes
PES7040-E  Dissertation
PES7041-B  Gender, Conflict and Development