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Learning, Teaching and Quality Enhancement

Our Team

Our Work

Our mission is to provide an end-to-end professional service which:

  • supports excellence in teaching, learning and assessment.
  • drives improvements in the student experience.
  • assures the quality and standards of the University.

We work in partnership with academic Faculties/Schools, programme teams, individual academic staff, professional support teams and a range of other stakeholders to achieve these aims.

Working with Faculties

We provide advice and support to Faculties in a range of different areas, including:

  • Academic ordinances and regulations.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Monitoring and enhancement.
  • Progression and award processes.
  • Professional, statutory and regulatory bodies.
  • Academic partnerships.
  • External expertise.
  • Learning and teaching approaches.
  • Technology-enhanced learning.
  • Professional development and recognition for academic staff.
  • Implementation of academic policies.
  • Provision of information to students.

Working with Partners

In addition to the activities listed above, we also support the University’s work with collaborative partners in the following ways:

  • Participation in the Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee of Senate.
  • Due diligence of proposed new academic partnerships.
  • Ongoing monitoring, enhancement and risk management of partnerships.
  • Supporting Faculties in partnership activities – e.g. boards, reviews, visits.

Further information is available in the University’s Guide to the Management of Higher Education with Partners.

Working with External Examiners

A key part of our team’s role is to manage the appointment of External Examiners for the ongoing monitoring of academic programmes/modules and to work with programme teams to appoint External Experts for academic approval events.

Further information is available in the University’s Guide for External Examiners of Taught Programmes.

Working with the Higher Education Sector

As well as aligning with the University of Bradford’s internal strategies (e.g. Corporate Strategy 2015-2025, Learning & Teaching Strategy), our work is underpinned by national frameworks such as the UK Quality Code, the AdvanceHE UK Professional Standards Framework and the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework.

Our involvement in quality assurance and educational development at a national level includes developing research and scholarship relating to Higher Education policy and practice and contributing to sector-wide events and professional networks.

Working with Individuals and Teams

We have a number of frameworks and schemes in place to support individuals/teams to develop and enhance their teaching practice. These include:

  • Professional development frameworks for staff and postgraduates who teach.
  • Professional practice programme of short development sessions/activities.
  • Learning and Teaching Professional Development and Recognition Scheme accredited by AdvanceHE for all four UKPSF descriptor levels.
  • Peer Support Review of Teaching Practice for developing professional dialogue and peer learning to demonstrate remaining in good standing for UKPSF.
  • Role development for module/programme leaders and personal academic tutors.
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Awards (individual and team) and support for developing institutional nominations for National Teaching Fellowships and Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence – see Teaching Awards.
  • Annual monitoring review workshops.
  • Curriculum development workshops.

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