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Annual Process for Approval and Reporting of Current/Updated Programme Specification

The UK Quality Code, Part A Expectation A2.2 (external website), states that:

Degree-awarding bodies maintain a definitive record of each programme and qualification that they approve (and of subsequent changes to it) which constitutes the reference point for delivery and assessment of the programme, its monitoring and review, and for the provision of records of study to students and alumni.

An annual formal updating of programme specifications ensures that there is an unambiguous understanding of each University programme. This is then the reference point for the delivery of the programme by teaching staff, its assessment by internal and external examiners, and in subsequent monitoring and review.

The programme specification includes information both for the programme as a whole and at the level of individual modules. This is updated as modifications to the programme are made through authorised approval processes and forms the basis for the record of study provided to students.

If no modifications are made to a programme within an academic year, the School Board must ‘sign-off’ and confirm that the existing programme specification is to continue to apply during the next academic year.

All updated programme specifications, including those existing ones that will continue, must be approved by the School Board and submitted to the Academic Quality and Enhancement for submission to Learning and Teaching Committee, by the date given in the Academic Year Calendar‌.

The definitive programme specification for each programme offered by the University will be published on the Academic Quality and Enhancement web site before the commencement of the next academic year.