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Modifications to Programmes

The University’s module and programme modification processes are intended to provide a framework for the modification and enhancement of modules and programmes so that they continue to provide an excellent learning opportunity and to comply with institutional regulations and policies.

Modifications should normally be triggered by programme enhancement planning activities and are therefore expected to derive from, or to be considered in the light of, experience of the operation and delivery of programmes. Modifications should not normally be considered in the year before a Periodic Review, unless student or external examiners’ comments have initiated the change.

When preparing changes to an existing programme there is a need to be aware of the impact of the changes on other stakeholders in the programme for example students, professional bodies and/or employers. Schools should discuss the resource requirements and funding implications of any module or programme modification with appropriate professional services colleagues. Resource implications are particularly important for modules that are delivered by a partner institution. Where modifications are proposed to modules that are delivered across more than one programme, each programme must agree to the change and be modified accordingly. Proposed changes must be signed off by all interested parties as appropriate.

Changes to programmes may not be advertised or implemented until the programme modification process is successfully completed.  All changes, minor or major, must be submitted/reported as appropriate in accordance with the dates in the Academic Year Calendar and reported/submitted to Academic Quality and Enhancement. Revised module descriptor(s) and programme specifications must be provided. The definitive approved programme specification will be lodged with Academic Quality and Enhancement and made available on the website.

Further information on the procedure for modifications to programmes and modules can be found in the Academic Quality Handbook.