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Withdrawal or Suspension of a Programme

A distinction should be made between suspension, where a programme is temporarily withdrawn but is expected to be reinstated at some point in the future, and withdrawal, where the programme is permanently removed from the partnership agreement or University’s portfolio of awards.

A formal proposal to suspend or withdraw a programme must be approved by the School Board and then submitted to the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office using the Partnership Programme Suspension and/or Withdrawal Form‌. The full title of the award must be included in the request along with the following, where relevant:

  • the UCAS code
  • confirmation that the suspension/withdrawal applies to both 3 and 4-year routes
  • alternative programmes which might be of interest to applicants
  • the date of the last intake, and in the case of suspension the expected date of the next intake
  • the expected graduation date of the last cohort
  • the reason the programme is to be suspended or withdrawn
  • the associated modules to be suspended/withdrawn, and the expected last date of delivery
  • evidence of consultation with students.

Where there are still registered students on a programme to be withdrawn, arrangements for teaching-out or transfer of existing students must be explained and approved in an exit strategy to ensure the University continues to meet its obligations to these students for the duration of their studies.

Once approved by LTC and Senate, the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office will notify Admissions and make the necessary revisions to the contract and the record of partnership provision.