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Procedure for the Termination of a Partnership

Whatever the reason for the termination, and whoever it is instigated by, a proposal will be made to the Partnership Board and an exit strategy must be agreed with the partner.

A proposal to terminate must first be approved by the School Board and then submitted to the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office using a Partnership Termination Form‌. This will be considered by the Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee and a recommendation made to Learning and Teaching Committee and thence to Senate.

If approved, the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office will facilitate a meeting or correspondence with the partner to discuss the proposed termination and agree an exit strategy.The primary purpose of the exit strategy is to safeguard the experience of students already enrolled on a programme and to ensure that they have the opportunity to successfully complete their studies and achieve an award. 

Communications about Termination

Once the termination and the exit strategy has been approved, the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office will prepare a formal termination letter for the partner which will set out the agreed exit strategy. If any communication to continuing students at the partner institution is planned, the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office must be consulted about the wording and mode of this communication. 

Monitoring Arrangements following Termination

The exit period is considered a high-risk phase of any partnership: the exit strategy will be monitored through the Programme Enhancement Plan for both partnerships and programmes.