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Exit Strategy

The exit strategy should be produced by the School(s) in liaison with the partner and working through the relevant Partnership Board. If the termination results in possible transfer of students to another institution, then that institution should also be involved in discussions and the production of the exit strategy.

The exit strategy should cover:

  • The reasons for the termination;
  • The date of notice of termination, and the date of termination;
  • The date from which the exit strategy will commence and projected period necessary to fulfil obligations to students in accordance with the terms of the contract;
  • The financial arrangements during the exit strategy and any additional charges/costs arising from the termination arrangements;
  • The responsibilities and expectations of both (or all) parties during the exit phase: unless otherwise stated the expectation is that the relationship will continue as set out in the contract;
  • Communication Strategy. 

Advice on the content and production of an exit strategy is available from the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office.