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Programme Coordinator, University of Bradford

The Programme Coordinator (or Academic Partnerships Manager in the School of Management) plays a pivotal role in managing the relationship at programme level, and in monitoring quality and standards and contract compliance. 

They are the first and main point of contact for partner staff delivering the programme, and are likely to be the closest University representative to students studying at partner institutions.

Programme Co-ordinators are required to visit the partner at least twice in each academic year.

Programme Coordinator Forum

The Programme Co-ordinator Forum is convened by the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office.

It meets at least twice a year, often alongside the Administrators Forum and provides an opportunity for briefing, training and sharing good practice. It also provides a forum for sharing information about particular partners or partnership arrangements, the identification of common issues, and reporting and discussing responses to any concerns or problems.

Contact the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office for further information on the forum.