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Partnership Board

There is a Partnership Board for each partner, or group of partners. It meets at least once a year, is chaired by either the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) and is constituted from a small group of senior staff from the University and relevant partner institution(s).

The role of the Partnership Board is to:

  • Consider plans for portfolio development; 
  • Oversee the contractual relationship and financial arrangements; 
  • Consider and address any institutional level issues arising from programme enhancement planning, periodic review, QAA Audit/Review, PSRB or in-country accreditations;
  • Consider the on-going strategic benefits and any changes to academic standing or reputation;
  • Resolution of disputes;
  • Development of supportive and joint activities to underpin and further develop the relationship;
  • Make recommendations to the Academic Partnerships Sub Committee in relation to contract renewal and termination.

Each Partnership Board reports annually to the Academic Partnerships Sub Committee and to the governing body of the partner institution(s).