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Student Records and Data

Partners are required to provide the University with accurate and timely student data.

UK and EU partners must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (external website). For partnerships outside the EU, a Data Transfer Agreement is signed that requires the partner to manage personal information appropriately and in line with the Data Protection Act.

Exchange of information between the University and the partner will include data on withdrawals, intercalations, late-registrations, module registrations and de-registrations as appropriate.

Partner institutions are responsible for maintaining a full record of students’ academic progress, including periods of study, module marks, and personal data.

Where students are fully enrolled as University of Bradford students, the University will also maintain a full record of student data and for this purpose will require timely and accurate student data, including monthly updates which should be sent to

Each party must meet its own obligations in relation to statutory returns and reporting as set out in the contract.