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Student Involvement in Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Student Representation

The Policy for Student Representation provides a framework for coordinating representation at Programme, School and University level.

Partners are required either to adopt the University Policy, system and procedures or to propose their own system for approval, in which case the arrangements must be equivalent to those of the University and fully align to the UK Quality Code. 

Student Feedback and Evaluation

Student feedback and evaluation provides vital information for quality enhancement.

As a minimum, the University expects partners to collect feedback from students at the end of each module, and at the end of each year of study, and to have in place mechanisms for acting upon this feedback, and reporting back to students on action taken.

The University arrangements for collecting student feedback are provided in the Academic Quality Handbook. Approval is required should partners wish to propose alternative arrangements, and these must be fully aligned to both the University arrangements and the UK Quality Code.

A summary of students’ feedback, both positive and negative, should be included in the Programme Enhancement Plan, together with a record of action taken and confirmation that an appropriate response has been disseminated to students.

Programme Co-ordinators should, where possible, make arrangements to meet with student representatives or student groups when they visit partners, in order to receive additional feedback about their learning experience. A summary of any such meetings with students should be included in the Visit Report.