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Fees and Financial Arrangements

The financial arrangements associated with the partnership are specified in the financial schedule to the contract.


The School to which the programme/partnership belongs is responsible for arranging for invoices to be raised in accordance with the financial schedule

Collection of Fees

The arrangements for collecting student fees are set out in the contract.

The most usual arrangement is for the fee to be collected by the partner. In cases where the University collects the fee, the students (or their sponsor) will be invoiced at enrolment. 

Students in Debt

Students with outstanding financial debt will not receive a graduation certificate and this should be clearly stated in the student handbook.

Where the partner collects the fee, they should flag any students who are in debt before the meeting of the Board of Examiners takes place. Their results will not be considered until the partner informs the University in writing that the debt has been cleared and the student is eligible to receive his/her results and/or award.