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Student Enrolment and Registration

Overseas Partners

In order to facilitate the enrolment of overseas partner students, the partner should provide all student information no later than two weeks following the commencement of the programme, including a personal email address which the University can use to inform them how to register for their University of Bradford IT account.

Students must also complete and sign the enrolment form. This must be returned to the University of Bradford along with scanned copies of the student’s passport or national identity card which have been verified and signed by staff in the partner institution, together with proof of qualifications. These should be received within 14 days of the student information being received at the University of Bradford from the partner.

All queries relating to enrolment for overseas partners should be sent to

UK Partners

Students studying with UK partners may be enrolled onto their course using two different methods. Students will either be sent an enrolment form to complete and return, along with their ID, a recent photograph of themselves, and proof of their qualifications. Alternatively, they may complete the enrolment portal, upload a photograph and then print and return their summary to the University of Bradford.