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Programme Development Team

A Programme Development Team should be established as early as possible in the process of programme approval, major modification or periodic review. The team is responsible for the preparation of the programme documentation and its presentation to the relevant Faculty and University Committee(s) /Panel. Each main subject area and all the Faculties collaborating in the programme, or providing service teaching, must be represented on the team.

Programme Development Team Leader

The Programme Development Team Leader is responsible for:

  • Liaising with the Academic Quality and Partnerships Office about Phase 1 and Phase 2 approval
  • Contacting the Dean of any relevant Faculty to seek written permission to use existing modules which are to be 'adopted' from that Faculty
  • Liaising with the Centre for Educational Development, Professional Services and Student Representative(s)
  • Ensuring that work on the new programme proposal is complete in time for it to be presented to the appropriate programme approval panel, in accordance with the Academic Calendar

Programme Development Team Membership

Programme Development Teams must include:

  • Programme Development Team Leader from the relevant Faculty
  • Relevant academic colleagues with appropriate subject expertise
  • Professional services colleagues from Information Services
  • Student representation
  • Stakeholders/academic partners as appropriate, in particular those from industry
  • Service users/lay members where this is an expectation of a PSRB.

Any relevant PSRB should be notified of the development to ensure their commitment to and involvement in its approval.

Support for the Programme Development Team

The Team will be supported throughout the design and development phase by one or more colleagues from the Centre for Educational Development.

The Academic Quality Officer for the School will attend the initial workshop and will provide further advice and guidance as required.

Advice and support in relation to the requirements and approval of higher education provision with partners is available from the Academic Partnerships Officers.