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Programme Design and Development Workshop

A mandatory workshop will be convened by programme teams to support them in the design and development of a new programme, or the major modification or periodic review of an existing programme.

Nature and Purpose of the Workshop

  • To provide an official launch of the Programme Team.
  • To clarify the vision and purpose for the programme and the key challenges in student attainment.
  • To discuss and plan the requirements and process of programme review, design and development of the programme.
  • To open up the possibilities for programme design – myth busting.

Timing of the Workshop

  • For new programmes: once Phase 1 approval has been approved and usually at least six months before the Programme Approval Event.
  • For existing programmes undergoing review: at least six months before the scheduled review.

Who needs to attend the workshop?

The workshop will be facilitated by a representative(s) of the Centre for Educational Development (including seconded Curriculum Development Fellows) and must include:

  • Academic Quality and Enhancement Business Partner 
  • Programme Team, including Programme Team Leader, relevant teaching staff, including those providing service teaching, representative of Information Services, student representation and stakeholders and collaborative partners as appropriate, in particular those from industry.
  • Head of of Careers and Employability or nominee;
  • Service users/lay members where this is an expectation of a PSRB.

In addition it is desirable to include:

  • Relevant colleagues from professional services not already included in the Programme Team.
  • A broad section staff who will teach on the Programme.
  • A broad range of students from the programme to participate in the workshop, in addition to the student representatives in the Programme Team (see UK Quality Code Chapter B5 [external website]).

Further details about the format, content and follow-up of this workshop is available from the Centre for Educational Development.