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Information about management of the programme and quality assurance

This should include:

  • Membership of the Programme Team and academic staff from all the Faculties collaborating in the programme or providing service teaching
  • Curricula vitae for those teaching on the programme including those who are not University employees
  • Information about any programme delivery that may take place outside the University, including contingency plans should this become inoperable
  • Where appropriate, arrangements for the management of placements and study abroad (Quality Code Chapter B10 (external website)).
  • Where workplace mentors or other external supervisors are involved in teaching, support or assessment, the arrangements for preparing and supporting mentors in their role.
  • Arrangements for ensuring the equitable treatment and assessment of students during placements or periods of work based learning.
  • Arrangements for pedagogic review of the programme and its associated modules.
  • Arrangements for consulting students and providing feedback about programme delivery and the student experience. This should include the membership of staff-student liaison committee and must conform to the University minimum requirements.
  • Any significant additional resource which has been, or will need to be, developed to support the delivery of the programme. Any changes to the resource requirements of the programme which have arisen since Phase 1 approval was given must be made explicit.
  • How many External Examiners will be required and how they will fulfil the requirements in relation to the external examining of the programme and modules.