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Programme Approval Panel discussion topics

The Panel is expected to address a broad range of issues in order to help ensure that:

  • The academic standards of the award(s) are set at the appropriate level.
  • The programme is designed to reflect the themes and principles of the Curriculum Framework.
  • The curriculum, the learning and teaching strategy, learning resources and support arrangements give all students the opportunity to achieve the aims and learning outcomes of the award.
  • Sufficient human, physical, IT and Learning resources will be committed to the programme, and will be ready on time, to assure and maintain its academic quality.
  • The assessment strategy allows all students to demonstrate in full the extent to which they have achieved the programme’s learning outcomes.
  • Entry criteria are appropriate for the programme and explicit, including those for programmes delivered by overseas partners.
  • Any arrangements for advanced standing and/or the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) are explicit.
  • There is an appropriate student induction schedule, designed and delivered in accordance with the University requirements.
  • Arrangements are in place for student representation and feedback.
  • Clear and effective arrangements are in place for the management of the programme in accordance with University policy and practice.
  • Appropriate quality assurance and enhancement processes are in place, involving input from students and relevant stakeholders.
  • Arrangements for placement learning are in place and aligned to Chapter B10 of the Quality Code (external website).
  • Appropriate provision is made for any practical and/or laboratory work, including health and safety requirements.
  • The proposed programme is aligned with the Student Charter.
  • All required documentation is presented and complete.

A more detailed framework is provided in Programme Approval and Review Panels: Questions to Consider.